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This is what happens when I don’t clean.  At all.  I didn’t lift a finger except to put away food I got out for myself or Jack for a couple of days.  This is what I had to look at when I got up on Thursday:

I guess it isn’t that bad from the pictures but when you’re there in person it was just gross.  There was so much food and crap on the floor it crunched when you walked.  Dishes all over, sink piled so high you couldn’t use it, food on every surface.  It was just overwhelming.

I took the pictures around 8am, just after the kids left for school.  They had gotten the food out at like 6am so it had sat there for hours.  The other day I left it there all day and my husband put it away when he got home at 4pm.  This is what happens in every room when I don’t do anything which is why I never get a day off.  It doesn’t show in the pictures but there was sticky food caked on all the surfaces, the floor, the walls, the chairs, etc.  The other rooms of the house were piling up clutter and crap in every corner.

It just makes me so angry because I spend so much time trying to make the house nice for everyone and I spend at least an hour (sometimes more) every morning cleaning the kitchen and this is the thanks I get when I’m not well.  They just let it pile up so I can do it when I am well.  Then it takes me 3 or more hours to put it all back.  When I say anything about it they all get mad and want to know why they have to do everything or my husband will say, “I put the dishes in the sink, what more do you want”.

This is why I don’t ever “take it easy” for my own mental health.  A “day off” is never actually a day off.  I can put off not doing stuff for a day but then the next day I have twice as much work to do.  The more days I take off the more work I have to do in the long run because it takes two runs of the dishwasher to get through all the dishes and there is 10 times more crap all over the house to pick up.

My husband did start loading the dishwasher today but he can’t do it right and refuses to learn the correct way so I got up and loaded it up.  But the sink is still full of dirty dishes, the cutting board needs to be washed, the slow cooker STILL needs washed, the stove is still messy and those pans are still dirty (actually the big one was washed and used it again last night).  He cleaned the high chair off and took out the trash/recycling (well, had Owen do it).  Brenna cleaned off the counters (sort of) and swept some.  But the floor needs to be mopped badly.

Doing the dishes wore me out.  So I’m back to just sitting, trying to save up some energy to bake a cake later and cook lunch for a house full of kids.

Oh, and my husband SHOCKED me by vacuuming (he’s never done that before) and dusting the entertainment center in the living room.  I mean SHOCKED.  I had to get up and see for myself.  Brenna cleaned the kids’ bathroom, even the toilet so she could have her party.  And my husband turned the dryer back on although I still have to figure out the stuff in the wash because it’s only a few shirts.  My brain doesn’t want to process laundry today but the girls’ basket has overflowed completely.  Owen’s too probably.  It seems half of my life is spent doing laundry and with our crappy dryer it takes forever.  The washer takes like 25 minutes to wash a load but the dryer takes 2+ hours to dry that load so I can’t do anything but sit and wait for the dryer.  After the first hour I have to reset it for the 2nd hour.  I waste so much electricity doing laundry and then water having to rerinse everything because I forgot and it sat all night or all day.  Ugh.  That’s why I do the laundry because the kids aren’t around enough to be able to reset the dryer every hour.

It’s 9am here now and I’m tired and hungry.  Jack has not adapted to the time change and now gets up between 5 and 6am (6am today).  So I’ve already been up for 3 hours.  I’m ready to eat but it’s too early for lunch.

I think when I get some energy back I’ll clean up my bathroom so I have one room I can go that is peaceful.  And then take a long, hot shower.


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