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Gordon Family circa 1955

My mom and her family Christmas 1955 (I think)
(l. to r. in the back) Howie, Grampa, Denny, Gramma holding Susie, Pat and Elaine
(in the front) Kitty, Glenna (my mom), Carol and Nora
(missing are Leroy and Shirley)
I got this off my cousin’s facebook.  We have a copy of this photo in our house.  My mom kept it in the living room but I’m not sure where my dad has it.  He might have packed it away after she died or it was in his room.  I love my family to death.  My mom and her siblings did not have an easy life but they are/were all such amazing people.  So strong and loving despite their childhoods.

I don’t actually believe in any kind of afterlife/heaven but I know my family does.  My mom did.  To those that have passed on: Shirley, Elaine, Leroy, Mom and Howie…I hope they’ve found whatever peace they thought would be there.  And to those of us left behind…((hugs)) as we find a way to move on without you in our lives.

[I’m crying now…damn, I miss my mom]

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