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Lots of random things in my life:

+I have so much freaking laundry to do it’s not even funny.  This is what I get for having a nervous breakdown and refusing to do anything for weeks.  And no matter how many times I tell the kids to get ALL their laundry in the laundry room they never do it.  The clothes are piled two feet deep in there (it’s a tiny room) and I just glanced in their bedrooms and there are dirty clothes all over in both.  Sigh.  Not to mention me, hubby and Jack have already filled one of our baskets already.  All the towels are dirty thanks to the kids refusing to hang them up after using them (instead just tossing them in the baskets with their smelly clothes) and the sheets/blankets need to be washed.  I’m drowning in laundry and with a dryer that takes two hours to dry one load it just takes freaking forever.

+Hubby screwed up our car payment (well, actually screwed up his understanding of the payments) so we’re not going to have any extra money for Christmas.  I guess he had figured it all out on his own so that we’d have a few hundred to spend on the kids but then he found out we had a car payment due (he thought we were paid up until next year) this month.  Sigh.  He still thinks we can swing Christmas but I don’t see how.  We’ve barely bought groceries for months (just enough food to get us by eating crappy stuff) and we spent almost all of his last paycheck eating out because I felt so horrible I didn’t want to cook.  This paycheck is going towards Thanksgiving and that leaves the two paychecks in December (5th and 20th) to buy gifts as usual but almost all of the 5th check goes towards rent.  Our tax refund can’t get here fast enough and when it does come next year we’ll be able to pay off the truck and, hopefully, most if not all of our medical bills and hubby’s credit card bill (that I fought him getting…we had enough issues with credit before, ugh).  When the medical bills, truck and credit card are fully paid off we will officially be debt free.  Of course, we had to declare bankruptcy to get here but it still feels good.

+I pulled a muscle in my back this morning.  I wasn’t even doing anything, just sitting here reading something online.  I must have twisted weird in the chair because I felt this twinge and now it hurts.  Right below my left shoulder blade.  Hurts to sit up straight, to lift my left arm, to reach for stuff, bend over, pick up Jack.  Ugh.  It’s not super bad, I’ve had much worse strains/sprains but it still sucks and will keep me from doing all the stuff I needed to do today.

+Starting to freak out over Thanksgiving.  I like to cook a huge meal even though it’s just us and the kids (although I invited my brother, he never answered my text, though).  It’s just we don’t even have all the food for it yet and it’s only three days away.  We have the turkey which we got already thawed (which was good because we bought it yesterday and I don’t think it would have been thawed by Thursday otherwise) and decided to go with canned sweet potatoes because I’m not sure I’ll have the energy to cook, peel and mash my own.  I don’t even like sweet potatoes.  We’re also buying the desserts again this year so I don’t have to do a ton of baking ahead of time.  Especially since I’m making the turkey in the oven this year.  Last year I did it in the slow cooker but we only had a 10lb turkey (about the max that will fit in the cooker).  This year we got a 20lb so we’d have lots and lots of leftovers (either to keep eating all week or to freeze).  That means I have to do the sweet potatoes and baked beans and green bean casserole or whatever else needs baking on Wednesday.  I miss my dad’s double oven he had.  My brain is fried on planning the cooking…just like every year.

+Watched Cars 2 the other night.  It was cute.  The first one was better but it was still funny.  The first Cars movie is probably my favorite Pixar movie of all time.  I just loved the sentiment behind it and the look of it was fantastic.  Cars 2 was just as good with the animation.  Even my husband commented on the how the physics of the cars looked so real.  And he was cracking up over Darryl Cartrip (we’re big NASCAR fans).  It’s the first time we’ve sat down as a family to watch a movie in a long time.  Which is mainly my fault because over the years I’ve just stopped doing it.  He’ll watch things with the kids or they’ll watch new movies together but I’d rarely join them because I so desperately needed a break from them.  But I wanted to get back to the way we used to do things as a family.  We always watched new releases together.  I think this weekend we’ll watch the last Harry Potter movie.  We got it the day after it came out and the kids sort of watched it at Brenna’s birthday party but I don’t think any of them were paying attention.

+Haven’t been watching my weight since my breakdown and was commenting to my husband last night as I was stuffing my face with a TRIPLE Whopper (ugh) that I had gained it all back and felt crappy about that.  Especially after how hard I worked to get it down to where it had been.  So he weighed me last night (after eating the burger and a large fries and everything else I ate all day) and I was only about 238lbs.  This morning I was somewhere between 230 and 235lbs before eating anything.  So I haven’t gained anything despite pigging out on chips and junk food and high-fat crap for two weeks.  Weird.  It’s not like I’ve been exercising or anything either.  The only time that ever happens to me is when I’m pregnant (I gain almost nothing when pregnant and with Jack the total was like 12lbs).  But I’m not pregnant.  I’ve had my tubes tied and AF has shown up faithfully every month since he was born (just had it last week, in fact).  I guess my body is getting used to things AND I think I’m subconsciously still watching what I eat.  If there’s an option to choose something low fat I tend to do that without thinking now and my portions have gotten smaller.  It’s become second nature to judge what I’m eating and if it’s high cal/fat I’ll eat less of it and fill up on the healthier stuff (like veggies).  Good, no?  I think I’m going to keep going like this through the holidays and then get back on track in January.

+I cleaned the fridge on Saturday.  I mean scrubbed it all out.  It was so gross.  I’m very lazy about cleaning stuff I can’t see all the time.  The mess in the rest of the kitchen gets cleaned every day because I see it constantly but I’m only in the fridge for a few minutes at a time a few times a day.  So I ignore the ickiness of it.  I finally couldn’t take it any more and since there’s almost no food in there it was a perfect time to clean it out.  It’s all nice and neat and smells like bleach.  My soul is happy for this.

+If you want a Christmas card from me you can leave your name and address here.  Or just PM me.  I probably can’t send to addresses outside of the US and Canada this year because we’re broke.  😦

+[info]writerverse officially starts on December 1.  That’s just a week and a half away.  If you like writing and want a little challenge to push your creativity or to learn about writing or improve your writing come on over.  We’ve got one challenge going on already (pimping the comm) and I’ll be posting another on Monday (nothing serious).  Then next Thursday the game is on.  We have lots of interesting (we hope) and fun challenges lined up for this phase.  I’m very excited about co-owning this comm and I’m hoping I get my head straightened out so I can join in on some of the challenges.

+I have way too much TV to catch up on.  I think there’s like 5 House episodes, a Bones, Sanctuary, Hell on Wheels, a bunch of sitcoms.  The only thing we seem to keep watching regularly is Castle, Terra Nova, The Walking Dead, Fringe and Sons of Anarchy (that’s hubby’s show…I just don’t get it).

+Bears won yesterday.  W00t!  But Cutler broke his thumb.  Boo!  He might be out the rest of the season.  Noooooooo!

+Carl Edwards lost the NASCAR championship.  Grrr.  Like Tony Stewart needs another one.  But at least it wasn’t freaking Jimmy Johnson.  I swore last year that if he won again I was boycotting forever.  Carl was so close to winning this time.  Not amused.

+Six Sentences from my Sam/Jack WIP:
“This is wrong,” he said softly.

“Yeah.” Jack’s words had Daniel’s head snapping up. “The way you waste beer is a damn shame.” He pulled the bottle from his grip and chugged it, reveling in the way his stomach protested the onslaught.

Daniel frowned.
I swear it’s Sam/Jack.

+I think the kids entered my email on something online because I’m getting a ton of idiotic junk mail and way too many phishing scams to count.  That’s why I don’t like them playing anywhere near the computer.  Give them a chance once to use it (to write their NaNo and post word counts to the YWP website) and they get online, created their own AOL emails, start fake facebook accounts, post pictures of themselves and use my email to sign up for crap.  BANNED FOR LIFE!!!!!!


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