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Original fic: With Or Without You

With Or Without You
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
154 words
rating: R
WARNINGS: language

Sarah and Tucker rarely get along and just once Sarah wishes he would just leave her alone. But is that really what she wants?  Written for the weekly drabble challenge at writerverse.  Prompt: with/without


“I hate you!”

The words echoed in Sarah’s memory. She was so tired of Tucker’s bullshit.

“Just leave me alone.”

The words had spilled from her lips without thinking, her fury fueling the verbal assault.


Tucker had stared—face red, jaw set, eyes blazing with his own barely contained anger—before turning on his heels and exiting. Without another word.

Sarah stared into her drink, her brow knit in confused frustration. Across the party, Tucker danced (a little too close to be appropriate in public) with Leslie Basico. Whore, Sarah thought, a wave of unwanted jealousy surging through her.

Anger flared again. At Tucker for being such an ass all the time. At Leslie Basico for being so fucking pretty. At herself for caring so much what (and who) Matthew Tucker was doing.

All she had wanted was for him to leave her alone. So why was she missing him so damned much?

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