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works in progress

I just counted and I have 36! works in progress (the earliest dating to 2005!).  This is insanity.  I’m currently working on at least 2 of them but the rest are just sitting there collecting dust.

I’m thinking of taking hiatus in stargateland so I can focus on finishing up some of this stuff and running writerverse.

Right now I’m up to 18,826 words for the year so far.  Thirteen stories were finished, six were started this year but not finished as of now.  I just have way too many ideas in my head that I can’t sort it out and focus on one.  And, yeah, I write them down in a notebook so I won’t forget but I just can’t seem to concentrate on anything.  Very, very frustrating.

With my husband’s new schedule there isn’t enough time in the day.  *cries*  He leaves for work around 11:30am.  Meagan gets home at 3pm, the other kids at 4pm except on Wednesday when the younger kids get home at 1pm.  Nora is home all day on Tuesday and Friday.  Hubby has off on Friday and Saturday but has taken the last two Thursdays off, too.  Which means we run errands and go out to eat (when he wants) which cuts into my writing time.  When we get back then I have to do my chores and when that’s all done I’m too tired.  Ugh.

The only up side is he’s home in the morning so I don’t necessarily have to get up with the kids.  He can do it.  Not that he has or anything but if I’m really feeling that crappy I know it’s an option.  (Trying to find the bright side.)

So, yeah…36 stories that need to be finished.  I’m starting to think I need to toss them all in a box and pick one randomly to finish just to get something done.  But first I have to finish my fivetimesbb.  My rough draft is due May 1.  Originally I was writing a “baby” one that had to be at least 5k words and was due March 1 but all I had at that point was almost 2k words and I had only started on part 1 of the 5 times (there was also a prologue).  Going like that it was sure to be over 10k so I changed to a big bang to give me more time.  Now I just need to get to work on it.


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