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witchy lady next door

I just need to vent.

We’ve lived in this house for a year and a half.  A few months after we moved in this lady moved in next door to us.  I’ve had issues with her since last summer.  First she cut down the trees in the front yard.  Fine, that’s her right but they were such beautiful trees, they blocked the sun from the front of our house (where the kids’ bedrooms are) and they were great for climbing.  Oh, but she banned the kids from climbing first because, you know, they might fall and get hurt.

I’m pretty sure that’s my call as a parent to decide.  It’s not like I would sue if my kid fell, it’d be their own fault.  That is, unless, she did something to make them fall.

Anyway.  After that there was an incident last summer where Owen came in crying and all upset.  Him and Nora had been in the back yard playing in the little kiddie pool.  I guess they got into a fight and he hit her.  The lady saw and yelled at Owen, called him a horrible brat or something, told him he was a bad kid.  WTF!

Sure, he shouldn’t have hit is little sister (he was 9 and Nora had just turned 5 at the time) but it isn’t any of her business.  If she had a problem she should have said something to me.  At the most I’d except her saying, “that wasn’t very nice,” but it’s not her job to discipline my kids.

Then later last year Owen came running in the house freaking out and crying.  Then someone knocked on the door.  It was, again, the lady next door.  She started going on and on about how my son purposefully threw rocks at her car.  There were like 8 or more kids sitting in my yard so there were witnesses but they were all terrified of this woman.

I finally got to the bottom of things and it was the boy down the street, Adam, that threw the rock.  He’s a known trouble maker.  I’m not the kind of mom that says, “no, not my kid,” whenever anyone has a problem but I was pretty damn sure my kid wouldn’t be throwing rocks at cars.  If he had he would have been making it up to her (doing yard work or something).  Meanwhile the lady’s friend comes out of the house and says to just call the cops and let them sort it out.  Really?  For kids throwing rocks that did zero damage to her precious car.  *eyeroll*

I’ve told the kids to just avoid her, stay out of her yard and away from her car.

But it’s still going on.  Most recently she has an issue with Jack.

The weather has been nice the last few days (60F yesterday and 55F today) so Jack has been playing in our backyard.  He LOVES dogs and cats but last week the dog on the other side of us scared the crap out of him (he barks at EVERYONE when we’re out there).  So Jack was out there yesterday and her FOUR! dogs came out.  Jack was all excited and Nora was walking across the yard with him so he could see the dogs.  I happened to be standing in our patio door (which is on the other side of the yard from hers) and Jack was about 10 feet from the fence when I heard one of the dogs start growling and then the others started barking crazy, jumping at the fence.  They’re all little dogs (the biggest is a Border Collie) but Jack is only 2 1/2 feet tall so he was, understandably, scared.

He started crying and running back towards the safety of the patio.  Poor baby.  Nora tried to coax him back to the fence to see the dogs but he was too upset.  Later Nora comes in and tells me the lady told her, “really?  You baby brother cried because of the dogs,” like he had no right, like it was a slight against her and her dogs.  He’s 1 year old for crying out loud.  Her words really upset Nora because of the tone, implying that Nora and Jack had done something wrong to make the dogs bark and there was no reason for him to cry about it.  They weren’t doing a damn thing but playing in their own yard.

I was angry but told her to just leave the dogs alone.  I figured that’d be the end of it.  Well they were out there again today.  Nora didn’t want to go out because the “mean lady” was in her yard watching her and kept saying stuff about how Jack cried when the dogs barked.  Ugh.

The this afternoon I went into my room (which is the room closest to her yard) and opened my blinds to see them putting up this “fence” on their side of the chainlink.  Really?  Then Brenna came in and said the lady told her they were putting the fence up so Jack wouldn’t see her dogs and cry more.  WTF is her problem?  She has absolutely no empathy for a toddler.  My faith in the world is dropping.

Whatever, at least we don’t have to look at her ugly face or her stupid dogs.  But when Jack was out there playing later on they dogs started barking at him and he, of course, got scared and started crying.  Poor kid.

This is the fence they put up:

Her dogs are going to tear that thing to pieces.

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