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writing update

So yesterday I posted about how I had a sudden writing inspiration and finished two stories (which are now posted).  But the groove didn’t end there.  After I ate dinner I spent a little time playing Sodoku and reading Catching Fire (which I finished last night).  Once I got the kids to bed I decided I just had to do some more writing.

Next thing I knew I had edited the two stories from earlier in the day (adding quite a bit to them) and then I started on something new.  Which ended up being almost 1100 words long (that one is posted, too…the Daniel/Vala one).  That just ramped up my urge to write.  So I started on another story.  It was one I tried to write a few weeks ago but couldn’t get past the first few paragraphs.  This time it just all flowed out and next thing I knew I had 23 pages hand written!

To compare…
The Daniel/Vala story was 6 1/2 pages long and with only a little added as I typed it ended up being 1100 words.  The other story is probably around 4000 words.

My hand was KILLING me when I got done.  I could barely move my wrist.  That was 3 1/2 hours straight of writing.  But I HAD to finish that story.  I was afraid if I stopped I’d lose the groove and never finish it.

Now I just have to type it.  I’m kind of dreading that because it’s so long, lol.


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