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The crazy of American parents never ceases to amaze me. Than you, Lenore for bringing some sanity back to parenting.


Hi Readers! I get so many fascinating stories from you,both  hopeful and horrifying, that I can’t blog about them all. BUT — I don’t want to see them go by the wayside either. So here’s a new feature: News items of the week. If you have a better name for this new feature, I clearly need it!

Of course, if you are on Twitter, you may have seen my Tweets about these pieces already. (So follow me there! Check out the widget on the upper left of this screen.)  Anyway, dig in! – L

*Dismaying: Feature on waivers before kids can participate in birthday parties: http://bit.ly/Hy3lLz

*Refreshing! A mom on the Babble site sez she doesn’t let her kids play outside, adding, “Would you?” And the commenters say: Heck YES! http://bit.ly/Hd2GNC

*Thought-provoking: Essay about “Bringing up Bebe” book, and whether American parents can be as non-child-ruled as the French, without a…

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