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Sonnet: Another Man’s Wife

With apologies…

Another Man’s Wife
by jennickels (aka Jen Connelly)
114 words
rating: PG

A sonnet. There are decisions to be made when things start to change.

There finally comes a time in my life
When I have to consider wrong and right.
Do I step back, let it cut like a knife;
Hide in a corner, hope it ends tonight?

Should I smile and cheer, all the while pretend
All things are just fine? Let her keep thinking
I’m happy with her just being my friend?
Forget the reason I’ve started drinking?

Maybe there’s another choice if she sees
the truth in my eyes: my heart is breaking.
When she’s around all my senses do flee;
But I realize the mistake I’m making.

So before the day breaks I’ll let her know
Just how much our friendship has really grown.


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