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I did it

So, as you might recall, I signed up for the monthly challenge at 750words. That is to write 750 words at least each day of the month.

Well I did it. Not only did I do it but I kicked its ass into next Tuesday. I wrote over 1000 words every day at the site and all of it was on one story (I also did some writing not at the site this month on top of the 1000+ words each day).

The grand total came to…

wait for it.
57,336 words.

That’s the most I’ve ever written in one month. Not even during NaNo did I ever do that well. And NaNo was always a struggle to just make it to 50k. This… was like nothing. I barely even thought about it. Just every night around 9pm I reminded myself I had to write and I’d start between then and 10pm writing from anywhere between 32-40 minutes. I averaged over 1900 words a day total (including the stuff I didn’t write at 750words).

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it feels. I already signed up for next month (since I’m on a roll) with my same personal goal of writing over 1000 word each day.

I’m also doing getyourwordsout and pledged 250,000 this year. At this rate I’d be done around April/May, lol. I doubt I keep this up all year, though. But so far I’ve finished 23% of my goal in just one month! If I reach my 1000 word/day goal in February I’ll add another 28k words at least. I’ve never been able to write daily before. I always end up bored with it or something and just forget about it. But I stuck with it this month and I’m so proud.


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