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Finding the right book

Meagan’s friend Alyssa spent the night last night. They were in my room looking for books to read since I bought a handful of YA romance type novels last month. Alyssa has trouble reading and doesn’t like to do it. We were talking about it and she said she gets headaches when she tries to read. Of course I suggested she tell her mom and have her eyes checked because that could be part of the problem.

My other suggestion was she should find the kind of book that really interests her. Normally she reads books Meagan has read. She tried the Hunger Games but it was too “hard” for her and gave her headaches. She couldn’t get through Beautiful Creatures either even though she thought the movie was awesome and wants to read it. I started thinking maybe sci-fi/fantasy isn’t really her thing. She said she’d get bored and get the headaches.

So I suggested she try one of the romance ones I had. The girls took the four books into their room to look through. That was at like midnight. I went to see if they were awake yet (it was 9:30). Alyssa was zonked out on the bed. Meagan said she stayed up until 6am reading one of the books I gave them.

Guess she found a genre of books she likes.

Maybe I hooked her up and she might like reading now. She thinks she’s dumb because she can’t read well. Hopefully this will help her self-esteem, too.

And I hope she tells her mom about her eyes so she can get them checked.


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