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Book Review: Arranged

Review of Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

arrangedStarted: 9/6/13; finished: 9/16/13

Goodreads rating: 4/5 stars

my rating: awww

pages: 416 (paperback)

found: library


Arranged is the story of Anne who has become a little jaded about love. None of her relationships turn out right and when her best friend announces her engagement Anne kind of loses it.

She decides to use a dating service except it turns out to be an arranged marriage service instead. After considering it she decides what the hell.

Enter Jack. He’s completely not Anne’s type but her type hasn’t been getting her very far relationshipwise. Maybe Jack is exactly what she needs. They hit it off after their first “date” and decide to go ahead with the marriage the next day.

Things seem to be going well but not everything is as it seems.

I normally stick to young adult novels so I was a little skeptical reading one written for adults. I’m not much with sex scenes and all that but I took a chance and I’m so glad I did. I loved Catherine McKenzie’s writing style, the book just sucked me in. The sex was fade to black (much more to my licking) with just enough sexiness to get the imagination going. I just loved this book.

My only complaint is the constant descriptions of everyone’s clothing. I’m not sure what that had to do with the plot but it seems to be how McKenzie writes and eventually I got used to it. The very end of the book is also mostly a rewrite of earlier chapters but from Jack’s POV. I found myself having to skip over big chunks of text to find Jack’s thoughts on the rehashed dialogue.

Other than those problems this book was nearly perfect for me. Lots of angst, fun banter/flirting, sweet romance and a happy ending.


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