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Book Review: Spin

Review of Spin by Catherine McKenzie

spinStarted: 9/16/13; finished: 9/17/13

Goodreads rating: 4/5 stars

my rating: awww

pages: 448 (paperback)

found: library


After reading Arranged I just had to pick up another book by Catherine McKenzie. I was not disappointed. Spin is a story about addictions, wants, needs and friendships that link it all together.

Kate shows up to the interview for her dream job still drunk from the night before. She does not make a good impression. But days later she gets a call from the magazine for a special assignment: they want her to go undercover at a rehab facility (fully paid by the magazine) to spy on the Hollywood starlet that has checked in.

Desperate for the job Kate agrees and the next thing she knows she’s thrown into the world of group therapy with people with problems. Kate doesn’t think she has a drinking problem but the longer she stays the more she realizes her perceptions aren’t always accurate.

After befriending her “prey”–an actress named Amber—she realizes her job is a lot more complicated than she thought. Add in funny, smart Henry, the handler for super gorgeous Connor—Amber’s ex—and things get even more insane.

Kate’s not sure she can pull it all off—deal with her obvious alcoholism, get the job of her dreams, keep Amber as a friend and maybe start something with Henry.

This book sucked me in just as much as Arranged which I read first. I loved the characters and the subject of alcoholism had me thinking about my mother (I remember her going to AA meetings) and my own growing drinking problem and where I might end up one day.

I loved the hilarious friendship between Kate and Amber. And the sweet flirting between Kate and Henry. Then I loved it even more when everything went to shit towards the end because ANGST! (have I mentioned my love of angst)

Totally recommend any of Catherine McKenzie’s books. Now I just need for our library to get the next one in: Forgotten.


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