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Book Review: Gated

Review of Gated by Amy Christine Parker

gatedStarted: 9/27/13; finished: 9/28/13

Goodreads rating: 3/5 stars

my rating: Cool

pages: 352 (hardcover)

found: library


This book wasn’t quite dystopian but had the feel to it. It’s set in modern times except that Lyla and her family live in a secluded community awaiting the apocalypse which their leader, Pioneer, says will happen in three months.

Lyla’s been intended to her best friend, Will, but when she meets outsider, Cody, one day she’s sucked into a confusing vortex of emotions she doesn’t know how to deal with. Her other best friend, Marie, is always getting Lyla into trouble until nobody trusts her. Especially not when she brings back word that their nearly worshipped leader might be lying to them.


Most of the book just showcases Lyla’s life in the community as they prep for the end of days, how she deals with her parents and friends and Pioneer. She’s conflicted over having to actually shoot to kill (as Pioneer says they will have to), her feelings for her Will and her trepidation about eventually being sealed inside the underground bunker known as the Silo to ride out the apocalypse (that she absolutely believes is coming just as Pioneer as said).

Each chapter is prefaced with a quote from Pioneer or other cult leaders like Charles Manson and Jim Jones. The setting is creepy and Pioneer is obviously up to something but none of that comes to light until the end. That’s when the action takes place.

The relationship between Cody and Lyla is insta-love and kind of unrealistic except for maybe on Lyla’s side since she’s never known anyone but the people inside the community and she doesn’t really have feelings for her intended. Cody is new and dangerous and cute. She’s attracted to him and lets herself fall hard. The ending is exciting although a little unbelievable but it was a fun read.

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