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Harlequin and New Adult

It looks like Harlequin (of the sexy romance fame) is taking unsolicited submissions for it’s new e-print New Adult Romance imprint.

From the site:

Harlequin, the world’s leading publisher of fiction for women, is looking for contemporary New Adult Romances of 50,000 words. The romance must be the driving force of the novel with a satisfying conclusion.

Titles will be published in ebook format and may also appear in print.

There’s actually a bunch of new e-book only lines they are pushing out, all needing submissions. You know, for those that actually have finished books to submit.

Their main brands like Harlequin TEEN are still agent submit only but maybe you can get a foot in with one of the new e-book categories.


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6 thoughts on “Harlequin and New Adult

  1. Hmmmm…. this is something I should definitely consider.


    • Jen Connelly on said:

      It definitely caught my eye. Also the advice they give about what they look for in a NA novel. One of the ideas I’m considering doing for NaNo is about two 18yos traveling cross country to go to college. Now I’m considering adding more in that would fit their criteria–which would probably make the story stronger anyway.

      I also spent way too much time researching agents considering I don’t have even a single finished manuscript and still haven’t decided if I’m going the traditional publishing route or self-publish.


      • Yes, the definition of New Adult was very, very useful for me. I might try to see if I ever have an idea that would fit their criteria. I like writing about relationships, but I prefer to write broken ones. The getting together? Always a preamble, for me lol.

        I like self-publishing for shorts. But I might want to try the traditional publishing route, too, once I have a completed manuscript. 🙂


        • Jen Connelly on said:

          I used to say I’d first attempt the traditional way and if I couldn’t find an agent/publisher I’d just do it myself. Then awhile ago I felt like I’d skip all that and just self-pub. It’s so easy to do now.

          It’s all moot, though, until I actually finish a book, lol.


          • The issue I have with self-publishing is just getting my name out there. Sales are hard to come by. Of course, with me publishing erotica under a pen name, it’ll be even harder when I try to break out under my preferred name. Traditional publishing at least does all the marketing for you, you know?

            But yes, a finished book is a must. 🙂


            • Jen Connelly on said:

              That’s definitely a concern for me (not the erotica part) because I’m not good at being pushy and self promoting.


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