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ImageI’d heard of NetGalley before but since I rarely wrote reviews for what I read I just dismissed it. Then this year I decided to make a concerted effort to review books (more so because of my declining memory which is sad). After writing up and posting reviews for the last 10 books I read I decided to join NetGalley just to see what it was about. I picked a few books that didn’t need to be approved and requested a couple others that I’d love to get my hands on (I have no delusions that I’ll get them, though–well, except the self-published one where the author accepted me right away even though the book came out in August).

I also post my reviews at goodreads and link my worpress reviews in facebook (through my writer page) and twitter. If I have time I’m going to copy the reviews over to my livejournal. I’ve neglected it since I stopped writing fanfic but I was doing reviews of books I really liked over there. Hopefully I’ll get some people to read this blog (which I will be updating soon) and I’ll get selected for cooler books at NetGalley.


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