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I’ve Returned with NaNoWriMo Warmups

Some good advice for next month.

A Court of Tales

Hello! I’ve been busy with uni work and my internship which finished last month. I miss you all!

So November is approaching and you know what that means? It’s time for NaNoWriMo again! I’m nervous! I decided to write a list of things that would calm me down and hopefully for you too. Okay, here we go…

1) Write everyday even for 10 seconds. Be it poems, blogging, tweeting, and short stories or even one line.  I would start with character biographies and write an outline of my story.

2) Listen to music. Lord of the Rings/Hobbit music is my preferred choice to inspire epicness in my story.

3) Read, read, read books. Research historical facts or any information if you need to.

4) If you suffer a writer’s block, you go out for a walk or run.

5) Write down your dreams (both goals and dreams dreams) . It helps…

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