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whySo, I’m trying to read this book I got off netgalley. The synopsis sounded great, like a fun romantic read. I’m on chapter three and ready to pull my hair out. It’s ALL telling!

It starts out boring about this woman trying to win back the man she loves (her husband). At least it shows stuff happening even if it’s abhorrently boring. Then chapter two starts with some intended back story. That’s how the chapter starts: the narrator says she has to explain things about her and her husband from their past. And so far that’s all there has been, her talking about things that happened a long time ago in this totally passive voice. There’s no emotion, she’s just relating crap that happened. I started skipping whole chunks (even pages) looking for something to happen.

I mean the idea of the story being in flash back isn’t bad. If it were an active flashback. Like it showed her being five years old and hanging in the bushes with the boy next door but instead we’re just told about it. All the emotion (and it’s an emotional time) is bled out. Ugh.

I’m on like page 2 of chapter 3 (which is page 26 overall) and I don’t think I can keep reading this. Not if this is the way the whole thing is written. I’m ready to pull my hair out. Or gouge out my eyes. And this is being published by a big name publisher. How did it make it through?

I’m going to have to jump ahead a few chapters to see if anything interesting ever happens.


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