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Book Review: Stargazing from Nowhere by Isabel and Marilyn Thomas

Review of Stargazing from Nowhere by Isabel and Marilyn Thomas

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00044]Started: 11/19/13; finished: 11/19/13

Goodreads rating: 3/5 stars

my rating: OK

pages: 448

found: netgalley


I have mixed feelings about this book. I liked the premise about a small town girl, Kristen, who blogs about celebrities getting to meet one of those celebrities, one she thoroughly trashed on her blog but secretly has a crush on. I liked that Michael, the drummer of the band she used to like but then didn’t like, is actually just a normal guy under a lot of pressure. I loved all the unresolved sexual tension and the angst and the sweet little romance between Kristen and Michael.

But I had a lot of problems with the book. First, it just went on and on and on and on. It probably could have ended at about the halfway mark and still been a decent, sweet love story. But is just when on with the main character, Kristen, thinking the same things over and over. A lot of it self-pity and whining because she screwed up her life by keeping secrets and just being stupid. Okay, she’s fifteen, going on sixteen so some of it is forgivable and I can’t say I wouldn’t have done anything differently in her case because confrontation always scared me, but after awhile it got annoying.

Second, her mom… I wanted to strangle her at certain points. Namely when she invites Michael over only to insult him and make both of them feel stupid and hurt. What kind of person does that? She’s just as immature as her daughter and she gets increasingly selfish as the book goes on about her dancing thing. I have five kids of my own so I get wanting to do stuff for yourself but she was blaming her daughter for her potential loss at the competition. That’s messed up.

Third, everything was too perfect. Michael was perfect, the guys in the band were nearly perfect, Scott was perfect, Uncle Jack was perfect. Especially Uncle Jack. Even Maggie came off as perfect. Oh, and Colin. While I was reading this my thirteen-year-old daughter came in carrying on and on about One Direction and their fans and some mobbing in LA today. It wasn’t the first time I looked at the story and felt it kind of read like fanfiction, with the names changed. It sounds like some of the 1D fanfic my daughter and her friends write (not saying this is fanfic, just that it reads like it). Kristen is like the anti-Mary Sue where everything she does is bad and screws stuff up more.

Another thing that bugged me is we never do find out who hacked her blog or blew her cover. I would have liked to have known just for curiosity’s sake.

I did love the ending. It brought closure to Kristen and Michael. But in the end I gave it a gracious three stars. It would have gotten more if half the pages had been cut, Kristen had confessed or her cover blown at the midpoint and then they get back together shortly after that. There was so much subplot that could have been taken out at the end and so much internal dialogue that was just whining and rambling on about her problems that she created over and over.

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