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Lookie What Came in the Mail


I made a few mockup book covers for a friend and she gave me a $75 Amazon gift card for my troubles. So I kind of went crazy. I got all these on the cheap because they have marks on them (mostly just sharpie along the page edges and ones a little beat up but they are all new). There’s another package coming later this week with two more books I ordered plus I picked up nine books for my Kindle (app) that were on sale. I don’t think I paid more than $5 for any of the books except one.

Of course there’s the problem that I still have three library books (that I took out in October) to read, plus a bunch more coming, plus the stuff waiting on netgalley and all the other books on my shelves I haven’t gotten to, including Allegiant because I want to reread the other two books first!

I will be on a reading frenzy this month because in January I start school and will be taking English Comp II and Into to Humanities which includes a bunch of reading and writing. And not the fun kind.


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