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The Popularity of my Fanfic


I’ve had this blog since 2008 and have used it off an on since then. Lately I’ve been trying to post more, usually random things that come to mind (like this post). I have like sixteen followers, and most of those are friends from livejournal. Nobody really reads my blog, but I still post because it’s something to do.

The thing is, I still get a lot of hits, as you can see in the cap of my stats up above. It’s not my blog people are reading, though, it’s my fanfic. Which is fantastic. I love that someone is reading it. Look at May 27! I had six visitors and 96 views. That’s six people reading a whole lot of my fanfic.

When I look at the pages/posts with the most views it’s always my Jack/Sam fanfic page that lists all my shipper stories. After that I have hits on a many of my stories. It’s amazing to see. Except I get almost zero comments on any of my stories. Which is sad.

96 views and not a single comment. In fact, I’ve only had a handful of comments on any of my fanfic in the three years I’ve been posting it here. I try not to sweat it. I get very few on any of the sites I post at (livejournal and AO3). The fact that I get a ton of views here kind of makes up for the lack of comments. Sort of. A little.

I think I will use this as a reminder to comment on the fic I read more often. Maybe some good karma will help.


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4 thoughts on “The Popularity of my Fanfic

  1. WordPress doesn’t have an established Stargate fanfic community of socialization via content feedback.

    Also, go to any popular YouTube video and divide the number of comments by the number of views. It’s ALWAYS less than 1%. ONE PERCENT. Even on controversial vids.


  2. Jen Connelly on said:

    True on all points, but I’d love just one or two comments once in awhile even if it’s just “love this.”

    But even on LJ where there is a large Stargate following I only get maybe 1 comment a fic. I used to get more, but I think a lot of my Stargate friends jumped ship while I was away last year. Either that or my writing sucks now. Oh well.

    I found out through my stats page that my stories did get rec’d on some Spanish speaking Stargate forum which was pretty cool. Not sure how many people came from there to read them since they’re in English, but it was still neat. Also a lot of the hits I’m getting are from Australia. The stats are always interesting when I analyze them.


    • < I used to get more, but I think a lot of my Stargate friends jumped ship while I was away last year.

      It’s simple fan attrition; SGU ended 3 years ago. SGA ended 2009; SG-1 ended 2007. Fandom migrates to in-production canons such as Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Doctor Who.

      For readers who aren’t involved in fandom feedback culture, I recommend a footnote at the end of a story posted on WP asking for it if that’s what you want, such as, “If you read my story all the way through, please leave a reply telling me what you thought or click Like if you liked it. Thanks! (PS: If you leave an anonymous comment, it’ll be screened for spam before it becomes visible. Sorry.)”

      I like how AO3 allows people without an account to leave kudos; you at least get a better idea of your readership than when content’s published on platforms which don’t allow unregistered likes/faves such as LJ & FFN.


      • Jen Connelly on said:

        I don’t like to review bate. That annoys me. I’ll stick with getting no comments and count my hits. I get a ton of kudos on AO3 but no comments. Shrug. I know people are reading my fic, I guess that’s what really counts.

        I think I’m just feeling insecure after that idiotic YA article and depression kicking in causing me to doubt my abilities to finish my degree.


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