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NaNoWriMo: Day 3 and 4 totals


Well, day three was a bust. I only got about 700 words added to my total. Tuesday was a little better. Despite having to take two of my kids to a doctor’s appointment, treat one of them for lice, do about a thousand loads of laundry, and homework, I somehow managed to buckle down at around 11pm. I caught up and went over for the 4th, ending with a total of 6768. That’s about a hundred words over.

The good news is I found my main character’s voice. I struggled writing anything the first two days because I hadn’t had time to really think on my main character. I ended up just writing blog posts from her POV. Or rather her alter-ego POV because she doesn’t want anyone to know she writes the blog that slams fans and fanfic writers (including her sister). They were fun, but I couldn’t keep that up.

Now I have an idea of who she is–which is kind of a jerk. I’m hoping she shows some redeeming qualities soon.


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