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NaNoWriMo: Day 7 totals


Finished the day with 12,061 words. The goal was 11,666.

I’m more excited about Kylie (my MC). She was betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend (in more than one ways) and is sticking to her avoidance of them. I wrote my second favorite scene last night involving Kylie dropping her phone. The battery goes flying under the fridge. She ends up getting her fingers snapped in a mousetrap trying to get it out. It was pretty funny.

My favorite scene, though, was Kylie having to watch TV with her sister and her friends, including Chloe who has a huge crush on Kylie. She’s kind of creepy, and Kylie has a lot to say about that. Kylie just doesn’t like any of her sister’s friends. Her issue with Chloe has nothing to do with her being a lesbian. She doesn’t like her because she’s annoying and creepy (rubbing her face against Kylie’s leg, petting her hair, etc). The whole thing is funny in a surreal way. Poor Kylie.


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