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NaNoWriMo: Day 9 totals


I took Brenna to lunch before the Sunday write-in. She didn’t really get to do anything for her birthday so I wanted to treat her. She got a banana cream pie shake at Shari’s. Shari’s is my regular place to write. Just after we sat down I get a text from my husband saying my dad just arrived. We’ve been waiting for him for a week, never really sure when he’d get here. His last estimate (from Friday) was Sunday or Monday. Guess he made good time. He’s moving to the Vancouver area from Chicago and staying with us until he finds a place. Should be tons of fun: three adults and five children in a three bedroom/two bath house. Or not.

Anyway, I was still worrying about homework and exhausted form staying up all night finishing the short story that I barely got any writing done. I lost Kylie’s voice and my story from not writing on Saturday. I just kind of muddled along, eventually giving up on a chapter and skipping ahead a little. I’m not sure anything I write will end up in the final draft because it sucked and is mostly irrelevant to the story.

This is where the slow writers will want to kill me. In the two hours we were there I felt blah and goofed off more than writing so I only got about 2,500 words wrote. I know, I know–you’re thinking I’m off the deep end if I think that’s not a good day of writing. But for me… I should have been able to write almost twice that in two hours. I can write 750 words in fifteen to twenty minutes. 1200 words in a half hour isn’t unheard of, and 2,000 in an hour is a good run for me. I thought I’d at least catch up with 3,000 words.

Oh well. I’m now at 14,502, about 500 words short of the day’s goal yesterday. Which means I’m behind for today. It’s Monday which means a new week of homework. Most likely I’m taking a break. It should be an easy week based on the assignments I’ve looked at.


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