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My Thoughts on The Walking Dead 5.06

from walkingdead.wikia.com

from walkingdead.wikia.com

Among the people I associate with, this was the episode we’ve been waiting for. There are just too many weeks in between Daryl episodes. Rick who? Not that I don’t like the other ones, because I love this show.

I have lots of thoughts on this episode. Who am I kidding, I have lots of feels about this episode. I can’t count the number of times I said, “awwww.” I don’t care what’s actually going on between Daryl and Carol, but I love seeing them together. Every seen is perfect in my eyes. They just have this bond. She’s about the only one Daryl feels comfortable talking to, and she’s been nothing but supportive to him. I knew the eventual reunion scene (5.01) would be all tear worthy. I was not disappointed.

There were so many tender moments between Daryl and Carol despite their dire circumstances. They’re off on their own, get attacked, lose their weapons, and almost die (like that’s new). It’s just the way that it all happened made the fangirl in me squeal.





My favorite scene had to be of Daryl and Carol in the bedroom at the shelter. They have a deep conversation about needing to start over, about where they’ve come from, and where they’re going. The battered wife and the abused child–they understand each other. Daryl again asks Carol where she was going, if he hadn’t shown up at the car to stop her. She’s become lost. She doesn’t think she belongs in the group any more despite what Rick and Tyreese, and Daryl keep telling her.

The episode also featured flashbacks to explain where Carol was during season four after Rick makes her leave (4.04). It looks like Carol was a lot more hurt at her banishment than she let on. I always get very nervous when one of the group is out on their own. There is definitely safety in numbers during the zombie apocalypse. There are others to watch your back.

I also hate scenes where they are slinking around in the dark–you can’t see what is coming for you. Therefore the entire sequence of them going through the shelter had me hiding behind my hands. That is a huge improvement over four years ago–back then I couldn’t even think of a zombie movie without having a panic attack.

A few scenes that upped the creep factor for me:

  • The shadows of the two walkers in the shelter. Children walkers are rarely seen on the show. As a parent, I’m grateful–that seen hurt. But on the flip side it gave another very touching Daryl/Carol moment later on.
  • The bridge connecting the buildings. OMG, walkers trapped in sleeping bags and tents–ick. The bewildered looks on their faces cracked me up, though. They were all like, WTF? The walkers seemed to have been sissied up over the years. Back in the first season they could break through plate glass windows (which I never believed–it takes a baseball bat at full swing to break one of those). Now they can’t find their way out of tents?

My personal WTF scenes:

  • The ambulance. I’m mean, seriously what were they thinking? No weapons, walkers coming out of everywhere and they’re on the middle of a bridge with almost zero cover. Not to mention the van is freaking hanging over the edge. Carol’s all like, “it’s unstable.” So they both climb into the front of it–the part hanging off the bridge. WTF?
  • The fall. Come on–what are the odds that the van would land on it’s wheels and the only injury would be a broken collar bone? I did love how terrified they both were. So much scary crap has happened to everyone that they rarely looked fazed by anything (excusing Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob almost having their throats slit (5.01)). Daryl looked seriously freaked, and Carol looked ready to cry. The hand thing made me go awwww, though.
  • The ending. WTF? I knew something had to happen to get Carol into the hospital (5.04), but just didn’t see that coming. Daryl nearly lost it. He probably would have gone out there and slaughtered every last one of them. Hell, he probably could have taken out half the cops at the hospital as mad as he was. Best was the line about how they had people, too. All I could think was that the cops just set themselves up for a world of hurt. “Messing with the wrong people,” says it all.

I know more stuff happened, but my shipper glasses kind of blinded me to it all. This was definitely the episode I’ve been waiting to see for years now. My daughters are going to go nuts once they watch it. For my 12yo, there is no other reason to watch The Walking Dead besides Daryl Dixon. She’s a big Daryl/Carol shipper. My 14yo is more of a Daryl/Beth (or Deth as she calls it) shipper, so she’ll be looking forward to their reunion, but any Daryl-centric episode is her favorite.

Walking Dead Daryl

*oh, how that has changed since the first season

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