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NaNoWriMo: Day 17 totals


Sometimes these updates feel kind of pointless–I don’t do much writing. I wait until I get pretty far behind then do a spurt to catch up. I got up late yesterday and just kind of felt blah so did nothing. My 14yo came home from school and we got into the deep discussion about The Walking Dead that I knew we would. Then she got into a huge argument with my husband. I got sick of hearing the noise so I decided to go to dinner and took her with me so we could continue the conversation. She’s the only person in my real life I can discuss TV shows with. Trying to discuss TWD with my husband is pointless as the only thing he says is that Daryl is going to die. *big eye roll*

Anyway, after a long dinner and talking, we went shopping, and didn’t get home until 9pm. I didn’t feel much like writing so I chose to watch Buffy. I’m already halfway through season two (Jenny Calendar just died *sniffles*). I wish I had The Walking Dead on DVD so I could binge watch that.

Word count still at 17,758 and now I’m behind again. Oh well.


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