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NaNoWriMo: Day 20 totals


Buffy won out again, as I knew she would. I somehow crammed like eight episodes in before I crashed at 1:30am. But I have serious plans to write today. It’s been a week, and I need to catch up. I really didn’t think I’d finish this year because of school, but I haven’t even been trying. Last year I drove myself crazy and busted my butt to put words down. I can do it again this year.

Today, I also have to finish a short story for my fiction class. I’ve been having difficulties even thinking of ideas that are worthy of an upper level writing course. This week we focus on pacing. I have a rough draft, but it sucks (as usual). I think in between revising it, I’ll work on my NaNo novel. Maybe if I just keep writing it will all work out.

And if I’m a good girl, I can still get some Buffy in tonight. I have three more episodes left in season four to watch.

Word count for Friday, November 20: 27,758. No change in seven days… YAY!


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