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NaNoWriMo: Day 24 totals


So I wrote. Not as much as I wanted, but I wrote. I challenged myself to put 5,000 words in, and had the best intentions of doing so. And then my dad showed up, complaining that I spend all my time doing homework when he is around. I was forced to hang out all day with him and the kids which meant I got almost no time to write. I started that morning eager to write. By the time I got to sit in front of the computer, I was worn out and uninterested. I still managed to write 3,665 words. But it wasn’t 5,000. That brings my total up to 30,423 words. I’m extremely behind and have come to terms with the fact that I won’t win this year. I just don’t have the energy with all the writing I do for school.

I said I’d give it a go this year, and I think 30k is a pretty good number while in school. If I’d had more interest I think I could have easily pushed out 50k words along with all the short stories and essays I needed to write for school this month. I just didn’t feel like it emotionally.


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