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Camp NaNo April – Day 1 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoThe other day I talked a little about Camp NaNoWriMo and why you should just do it. Today, I’m going to talk a little about my own Camp project.

Last year sometime, I signed up to do a challenge at fanfic50 on LiveJournal. The challenge works like this: I choose a fandom and pairing (if I want) and a list of prompts. Then I write. Pretty simple.

Yeah, well I haven’t been doing it. I’ve been writing, but not the prompts. So Camp NaNo is going to change that. My goal is to take a different prompt from the list (chosen randomly) each day and start a story, writing at least 1,000 words. Easy-peasy.

Now–if I remember–I’ll come back each day and give a little update about which prompt I’m working on and what evil things I’m doing to the characters.

And day one truly was evil.

My fandom is The 100 (TV), and my pairing is Bellamy/Clarke (and I will die before I use Bellarke to describe them… *shudder*).

So here goes.

Day 1: survive

Oh, I should probably put a trigger warning in here for mentions of torture and violence.

In the “survive” story, poor, poor Bellamy has been abducted by a rogue Grounder clan. Their commander is a sadistic bastard who enjoys inflicting pain on people.

Bellamy’s not sure how long’s he’s been held captive. He’s not sure he even cares any more. And he’s not sure if he’s seeing things or not when someone shoots an arrow through the commander’s head in the dead of night.

He’s pretty sure he is hallucinating when Murphy breaks him out of his cage. Finn, Monroe, and Miller are there, too. And a big, hulking guy in a skull mask that sends chills down Bellamy’s spine. The hallucinations don’t give him much of a choice other than to go with him.

Despite his very severe injuries, the group manages to get Bellamy back to the “Art Supply Store,” as Clarke has taken to calling the bunker she discovered with Finn. Bellamy is barely conscious–broken and battered nearly beyond recognition.

Bellamy questions his sanity when he finally focuses on Clarke. And he knows this is definitely a dream when she starts to run her fingers through his hair. The Grounders probably drugged him. It wouldn’t be the first time. But he’s too tired to care, and Clarke’s gentle touch calms his frayed nerves.

He’s in an out of consciousness for a while. Vivid flashbacks haunt his sleep. Each time, he wakes unsure what is real, and Clarke has to go through the process of reassuring him.

“You’re safe,” she whispers over and over.

Reality starts to sink in. This isn’t a hallucination. Clarke is really here. He really is safe. He doesn’t even care if Clarke sees him cry. But reality is harsh. Clarke insists she catalog his injuries and since he won’t tell her what the Grounders did to him, she has to investigate on her own. Much to his dismay.

She starts at his feet and works up his body, mentally charting his wounds. Her fingers elicit unwelcome reactions that Clarke is sure to notice eventually. He kind of wishes he could go back to the other kind of torture.

She comments on his sliced up feet. On the bruises that mar every inch of skin. On the broken ribs and burn marks. On the flesh rubbed raw around his wrists and ankles. And his missing fingernails.

When she finally reaches his face, there are tears in her eyes. This is why he didn’t want her to know. She runs a finger along the puffy, raised skin on his cheek where the Grounders branded him their bitch. She lifts his hair and takes in the missing ear. He closes his eyes because he can’t stand the pain in hers.

There isn’t a single part of his body that doesn’t hurt. Except maybe his hair when Clarke slips her fingers through it.

The End.

Okay, not really. That’s a taste of the story. In case you’re wondering, it diverges from canon around season 1, episode 7 (Contents Under Pressure). The delinquents are never able to contact the Ark, and they’re left to fend for themselves on Earth. This takes place months after they land.

My goal was at least 1,000 words and the start of a story. I ended up with over 2k by the end of the 1st. And added another 6k between midnight and 5am on the 2nd.

Tune in tomorrow to see what Clarke and Bellamy will get into next (hint: it will have nothing to do with this story, although if I do write more of this story, I might have to come post an update on my evilness *insert villainous laugh here*).

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