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Camp NaNo April – Day 3 recap


Check out my earlier post about Camp NaNo and this one about my recaps. I mean, if you want to and all that.

Day 3: sunshine

Hopefully today will be better for poor Bellamy because he’s been tortured and guilt-ridden in the first two stories. So, what’s he up to this time around?

Apparently Kane is punishing him for something by keeping him on the night shift so that he never sees the sun. At least, that’s Bellamy’s theory. Kane probably has a perfectly good explanation for why Bellamy hasn’t had a day off in weeks.

But today isn’t the day to argue about it. Instead, Bellamy decides to get out of Arkadia and take a walk–to enjoy the sunshine. He ends up at the dropship for some unfathomable reason. But he’s not alone.

Looks like Clarke is having just as bad a day as Bellamy. But she’s taking it out on the walls and floor of the dropship in a giant mural cataloging all of their failures since they landed.

It’s pretty but depressing. Now he has to figure out how to cheer Clarke up before her pity-party ruins his day off.

Doesn’t look like is any easier today. At least he’s not being tortured, though. That’s something.

The End.

Again, it’s short and not much going on. I’ll try to do better tomorrow. Anyway, here’s a snippet.

“So this is where you’ve been disappearing to all this time. I thought you had a secret girlfriend or something.” Bellamy cringes, hoping his joke isn’t pushing things too far. He never knows with Clarke.

His nerves are settled when she snorts. “No. No girlfriend.” Then she glances up at him with the hint of a smirk. “No boyfriend either.”

He’s not sure what she means by that because there seems to be a whole lot of subtext going on there. Clarke always confuses him.

Previous recaps:
Day 1 – survive (recap contains mentions of mentions of torture but no actual torture)
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