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Camp NaNo April – Day 5 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoFive days in, and five new stories started. Some will get followed through to the end and some will probably be rewritten. But they will all hopefully be finished.

If you’re wondering, here’s what I’m up to: Camp NaNo and the Camp NaNo recap project.


Day 5: inside

Today Bellamy and Clarke have to ride out a little storm. Stuck inside his tent. It’s not where Clarke meant to be, and it’s not where Bellamy wants her to be, but it’s where she ends up. Dripping water all over his blankets, staring at his naked chest.

More like drooling.

Bellamy has never seen anyone blush so quickly and so brightly before. And she’s still staring. Of course, he hates to admit that her gaze is heating his damp skin to scorching levels. He needs to put distance between them.

The easiest way to do that is take a step back and put on a freaking shirt. Sounds simple enough. How could he offend her by getting dressed? With Clarke, anything is possible.

It’s not so much in the creating space or getting dressed that pisses her off. It’s more about where he got the shirt.

She shoves past him and knocks the lid off of the crate. “What is this?”

His hackles instantly raise. “It’s supplies.”

“They’re clothes.”

“Yeah. And they’re dry. You want some?”

“Where did you get them?” She spins, hands on her hips, her eyes steely.

Now it’s Bellamy’s turn to squirm and flush. “They’ve been… collected.”


He’s pretty sure she understands and just wants him to say it out loud. He grits his teeth. “Yeah, from the dead.”

Make no mistake, that sounds just as bad as you think. Bellamy knows it, but he can’t let Clarke know how lousy he feels about it. Better to put on a smug look and reach deep for the sarcasm. He’s learned that’s what works best around Clarke.

The End.

See how I added the bonus quote right into the recap. Genius!

This one is actually almost done. Needs an ending that hopefully doesn’t include Clarke throttling Bellamy. These two can’t catch a break.

For more recaps:
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Day 3: sunshine (where Clarke gets all morose and Bellamy gropes her)
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