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Camp NaNo April – Day 7 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoWow. A whole week. I made it. And I reached my goal. I’m so proud.


Hopefully, I’ll be revising and posting the finished stories in the next couple of days. I won’t say an exact date because I’ve had a lot of drama in my life, but definitely in the coming week.

I plan to take the next few days easy. Catch up on The 100 (I’m behind–currently on s4e4 which nearly killed me) and crochet (because I’m a nerd that way).

Anyway, check this post for more info on why I’m rambling on every day.

Without further ado…

Day 7: annoy

Yesterday’s prompt managed to take a dark moment and turn it into fluffy snowballs. Or fluffish snowballs. If that’s a thing. There were some tears, but it was mostly a sweet, touching moment between two people that have been forced together by circumstances. And who like each other a whole lot more than they’re willing to admit.

Today’s story is a lot like that. Except that it takes place in season four. Bellamy and Clarke have been friends for a long time. And there are no tears.

But I swear, it’s really the same. I mean, Bellamy still knows how to annoy the crap out of Clarke without breaking a sweat. Only this time the audience includes her mom and Raven who keep giving her those smug looks.

They’ve been stuck inside the Ark for two years already, and almost everyone is going stir-crazy. Bellamy’s way to deal is to visit Clarke in the medbay every single day to annoy her. Her mom thinks it’s cute. Clarke isn’t amused. At least that’s what she keeps telling everyone. She wishes people would believe her, but that might have something to do with the stupid smile he puts on her face whenever he teases her.

Or flirts. That’s what Raven calls it. Clarke isn’t sure she’s ready to even contemplate flirting with Bellamy. And she doesn’t appreciate Raven pointing out that they’ve been flirting since the day they met.

Sometimes she really hates her friends. And her mom. And sometimes Bellamy. But not really. She’s so screwed.

The End.

Actually, what I wrote wasn’t as good as my recap. I put a little bit of a spin on it so that it sounds like how I originally wanted it to sound. This is only the first half. After Clarke has made her decision, it’s her turn to annoy Bellamy in front of all of his friends.


“You going to movie night tonight?” he asks, swinging his legs like a little boy.

I frown. “No.”

“How come?”

I shrug. “I have to work.” It’s a lie. Across the room I see my mom stop her examination of Raven to listen. Crap. They better not say anything.

“You’re the boss’s daughter. Can’t you like use that to your advantage or something?”

I spin, hands on my hips. “I wouldn never do that.”

My mom chuckles which just encourages him. She’s such a traitor. “Come on, Clarke. It’ll be fun. You remember what fun is, right?”

Not really. I go back to resterilizing the clamps.

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Sorry, no snarky epithets today.

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