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This Is the Best Day Ever!


Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s been a good day.

First, I had an all-time record number of words. 16,236 words to be exact. Of course, I haven’t slept in almost 36 hours. But 16k!

Second, 100 day streak! Yeah, baby.

Third, I finally got my dream minivan!



I’ve wanted a Town & Country for years. I figured some day I’d settle for a late model Dodge Grand Caravan which is the “poor” man’s version of the T&C. Well, after the truck broke down, my husband had no choice but to buy a new vehicle to get everyone home.

They told me they were getting me a “Susan,” which is what we named the rental we got years ago. I was excited, although anxious about new car payments after just buying a house. But what are ya going to do?

They finally get home, and I’m shocked to not just see my Town & Country, but the thing is flippin’ fully loaded. DVD player, Sirius (which isn’t hooked up), leather seats, imitation wood trim, all sorts of fancy buttons and dials.

Now I really, really don’t want to know what he paid for this or how we’re going to afford the monthly bills. Yikes.

I’m not sure what year the T&C is, but it is, by far, the nicest, most expensive vehicle I’ve ever owned. I get to drive it tomorrow. Squee! The kids want to call it “Destiny,” since it was apparently our destiny to break down there and buy her. I’m secretly going to call her “Felicity.”

Oh, and fourth, my family finally made it home from their adventure. Three days late. But that’s not important because minivan!

I’m kidding. I missed them, and was getting worried. I just didn’t miss the noise and mess. They’ve been home four and a half hours, and already I’m exhausted.


Camp NaNo April – Day 9 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoI have something important to say…

Today is 100 days of writing without missing a day. This is my second longest streak to date. The only longer one was years ago, and I believe I made it around 160 days before my gall bladder mutinied, and I had to have emergency surgery.

Also, I wrote over 16k words today. And I mean they are all creative words. That doesn’t count the couple thousand brainstorming words I put in. I am on a roll today.

I also haven’t slept in 34 hours, so that kind of dampens things.

Maybe it’s time to just get to the recap, then.

Day 9: Heaven

Thunder cracks in the distance as clouds gather over the mountains. The forest is eerily quiet without the familiar sounds of insects and birds. The planet is dying and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

Bellamy watches the silent trees for trouble, but there’s nothing. The animals are all gone. The grounders have fled to Arkadia or are trying their luck in Polis. Another rumble of thunder sets him on edge. They’ve been waiting months for the black rain to start. Every dark cloud, ever rumble of thunder, every shower of rain threatens to be their last.

Bellamy does not want to be caught out here. He watches the horizon. Lightning snakes across the sky. Already the air is electified. It won’t be long. Miller holds up a test tube and shakes it. He looks up at Bellamy with a grim expression.

“No good?”

Miller shakes his head then tosses the tube into the woods before wiping his hands on his pants. “Tainted.”

Bellamy sighs. “That’s every stream within five miles. There’s no clean drinking water left. Nothing will survive out here.”

“We can’t save everyone, Bellamy,” Miller mumbles. Lightning flashes, and the thunder that follows is closer. “Let’s get the hell out of here. We’re not going to find anything.”

They start walking at a steady pace, the storm trailing behind them. They spent the last two days going through every Grounder village they could find looking for refugees. The grounders that didn’t try to kill them also didn’t want their help. Most had moved on to Greenbriar or headed to Polis, mistakingly thinking their city would protect them. They wouldn’t listen to reason no matter what.

Bellamy hated to think of what will happen to them. But he couldn’t force them. They pleaded for over an hour at the door of a widow with five children. He could tell she was already getting sick. They begged to take the children, but she refused. The thought coils into his stomach, making him sick.

Next to him, Miller snorts.

“What?” Bellamy asks.

“I just never thought we’d find ourselves back here. You know, locked up in that tin can. After everything.” He shakes his head. “But, hey, Alpha Station. Better than being stuck in Mecha.”

Bellamy chuckles. “Just be glad it wasn’t the Skybox that survived the crash.”

Miller visibly shivers making Bellamy laugh again. A crack of a branch to their left has them both tensed. It’s getting late, and the storm clouds aren’t helping visibility. Just when he thinks it was nothing there’s a crunch of leaves. Bellamy uses his hands to signal Miller to go around the left while he flanks on the right. They move silently, in sync after all of these months on the ground.

They move slowly, careful not to alert whatever might be there. From the scuffling noises, it sounds big. Bigger than a rabbit or fox. Not that they’ve seen many of those around lately. But anything could possibly be food.

Bellamy’s getting closer. He hears a growl from his left and realizes the animal is hunting something else. Two for the price of one. He sets himself up to take out the predator once it’s captured it’s prey.

Through the brush, Bellamy sees sleek black fur rippling over smooth muscle. One of those pumas then. God, he hates them. They’re fast and savage, and their nails are like razors. Niylah swears Clarke took one down all on her own with only a knife. Clarke will neither deny nor confirm that Wanheda myth. Bellamy’s not sure if he believes it, but it’s Clarke so anything’s possible. He smiles at that thought, but then curses himself for losing the puma in the trees.

He hunches down, weaving between low branches, searching the surrounding area for a glimpse of black. He hears a whimper from ahead and presses up against a tree. He peers around. The cat is off to the right—its yellow eyes glowing through some ferns. To his left, the prey. Bellamy gasps. He glances back at the cat as it readies to pounce, and without thinking, he moves.

The cat races forward at the same time Bellamy does. He launches himself at the cat’s prey, grabbing it around the waist and rolling. It screams. Something slices into Bellamy’s shoulder, but he doesn’t let go. He curls around the small body in his arms as the cat screeches. He can feel it’s breath on his neck. Jesus.

Then there’s a pop pop pop and a howl. Feet pound up behind him, but Bellamy can’t move.

“What the hell are you doing?” Miller shouts. “Are you insane.” Miller grabs his shoulder, pulling him over. Bellamy falls onto his back , losing his grip on the small girl. She looks up at them with a quivering lip then starts to wail. “Shit.”

To be continued…

SURPRISE! Instead of a recap and a bonus quote, you get the entire first chapter of this fic. I don’t normally publish unfinished fanfic, but in all honesty, I’m too tired to write a proper recap, and this story is already 17.5k words long after writing for two day.

You know what, you talked me into it.


Their laughter wakes the girl. She sits up, rubbing her eyes. Her face lights up when she sees Bellamy, but as soon as she notices Clarke, her eyes narrow. Bellamy tries not to laugh.

Clarke frowns. “Why doesn’t she like me?”

The girl’s eyes narrow even more like she’s trying to bore a hole right through Clarke. Bellamy can barely contain his amusement which gets a glare from Clarke. “I’m sorry,” he says, desperately trying not to laugh at her. “I don’t know why she doesn’t like you. I mean, what’s not to like?”

The look on her face challenges him to finish that thought. His heart flips, but there’s no way he’s having that conversation here or any time in the near future. He pushes all of that confusion and frustration into a little box and stuffs it far in the back of his mind. Instead, he lifts a hand, ticking off each thing on a finger. “You’re bossy. A know-it-all. Way too-”

She grabs his hand, squeezing his fingers hard. Bellamy just laughs.

Clarke rolls her eyes, a grin pulling at her lips. “You suck sometimes.”

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