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Camp NaNo April – Day 10 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoAnother milestone. Day 10. Ten days, ten story beginnings. And now, three finished stories. Yes, Day 10’s story is complete. Well, it has a beginning, middle, and end. I still need to revise and edit. But you get the picture.

And the first completed story for April Camp NaNo will be coming out tomorrow. I’m making a firm promise today, so that I can make no excuses tomorrow. I hope.

Day 10: blood

Today, we take a break from torturing Bellamy–mind, body, and soul–to push Clarke to the limits of her sanity. The infamous Wanheda may be the source of many legends, but she is still just a girl. Human. And like all humans, she finds her breaking point.

It’s the blood that does it. All of the battles fought. Wars raged. People killed. Grounders. Weathermen. Sky People. They’re all the same. In the end they bleed red like all humans. And Clarke has so much blood on her hands, it won’t wash away.

She tries. She really does. The last battle broke her. And she can’t get rid of the blood. It’s seeped into her pores. And into her soul. She’s shattered. And she doesn’t think she can glue the pieces back together.

But she has Bellamy for that. He always knows what she needs. To wash away the blood. And to repair her broken soul. It’s a smile. A touch. A shoulder to cry on. It’s the way he looks at her. And the way he opens his own soul. Maybe they’re both hurt and broken, but together they make a whole.

And it’s time Clarke admits that she needs him. Needs him more than she’s ever needed anyone. It’s time to stop taking advantage of his friendship and love. It’s time to let him know what he means to her. So when their lips brush, she doesn’t pull back.

The End.


Bellamy leans over and dips his shirt in the water then starts wiping her face. He’s gentle, starting at the top and working his way down. Despite the cold, she feels the heat rolling off of his bare skin. When he’s done, he watches her a moment.

“Do trust me?” he asks, voice barely above a whisper.

With my life she wants to tell him but the words catch in her throat. Instead she just nods. Without saying another word, he carefully pulls off her shoes and socks. He bites his lip a second then carefully removes her jacket. His eyes catch hers and hold her gaze as he trails his fingers down her arms, circling her waist.

“Still with me?”

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Yes, I totally just copy/pasted those from yesterday.

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