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Camp NaNo April – Day 11 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoIn case you missed it, the first Camp NaNo story is published. Not sure how you would miss it since it’s the post directly below this one. But if you did miss it, hopefully you’ll go check it out now. Hint, hint. Wink, wink.

So, last week was pretty terrible to Bellamy and Clarke. Things have been a little bit better in the last few days. At least their lives and hearts aren’t always in danger. Well, it’s time to bring the pain back.

Day 11: promise

Diverging from canon at the end of season 3 because nuclear meltdowns get in the way of my storytelling, day 11 takes Bellamy and Clarke into Azgeda territory to hammer out an alliance in the wake of the City of Light and the collapse of Lexa’s coalition.

King Roan has offered Skaikru a deal that will keep them safe. It’s a good deal. Azgeda will leave Skaikru alone and protect them from threats from the other clans. It sounds too good to be true. Because it is.

See, there’s a catch. The only way to forge a true alliance is to merge Azgeda and Skaikru. And the easiest way to do that is old school. A marriage. But they don’t want anyone. It has to be Wanheda. The war chiefs want her power, and Roan has convinced them they can have it through a wedding instead of a funeral. It’s the only way to keep peace and keep Clarke alive.

Clarke understands sacrifice. She’s sacrificed so much already. And she’ll do it again to keep her people safe. She just wishes she didn’t have to keep hurting Bellamy in the process. Because the way he’s staring at her with barely contained tears of anger and betrayal is going to tear her soul apart.

She can’t make him understand why she has to constantly break her promises. And it doesn’t matter because Bellamy is done listening. It’s obvious he’s never going to be at the top of her list. It’s time to cut his losses and move on. No matter how much it hurts them both.

The End.

This is just the tip of a much larger story that will test the boundaries of their friendship.


“I wish there was another way.”

“There is,” he said, turning to face her. His eyes were hard, jaw set. Clarke can’t remember him ever looking so angry. “You don’t do this. Find someone else. Let Roan do his own dirty work.”

“You know that won’t work. It has to be like this if he’s going to stay in power. And we need him in power.”

“Why you? Why does it always have to be you?”

The desperate sound to his voice broke her heart.

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