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Camp NaNo April – Day 12 recap


For an explanation of what I’m doing, check out this post and this one.

I’m skipping right to the chase today because I’m hungry and still need to cook dinner.

Day 12: discover

Today, we meet Bellamy and Clarke in a completely unfamiliar setting. It’s modern times. There are no Grounders and no pending apocalypse to worry about. Unfortunately for Clarke, there’s the annoying guy that lives across the hall. She’s pretty sure the guy hates her guts even though she’s barely talked to him.

That’s probably because Clarke does her best to avoid him. He’s arrogant and snarky and pushes every one of her buttons. He’s also a pain in the ass–blasting his radio all hours and answering the door shirtless when she goes to yell at him.

Today, Clarke is not in the mood to deal with him. She’s had the worst day possible, starting with missing her alarm and ending with walking home in the pouring rain. All she wants is a glass of wine, a hot bath, and a good book. Too bad the jerk across the hall has other plans.

Asking him to turn down his music is a recipe for disaster. He pretty much slams the door in her face then cranks it up another notch. Giving up, Clarke decides to try to make the best of her night.

Unfortunately, she seems to have lost her keys. Sopping wet, cold, and exhausted, she has nowhere else to go. There seems little choice but to knock on the door across the hall again. She can only imagine what he’s going to say this time.

The End.


His eyebrows shoot up when he realizes who’s at his door. “You look like a drowned rat, princess.”

Clarke represses the growl that builds every time she had to deal with him. “Could you please turn your music down?”


“Why? Because it’s loud. I can hear it all the way down the hall.”

“Nobody else is complaining.”

Clarke takes a deep breath, already feeling her blood pressure rise. “That’s because Mr. McDurmant works the graveyard shift and Mrs. Jaurez is deaf.”

“You know an awful lot about our neighbors.”

“Because I’m neighborly, unlike some people.”

He puts a hand over his heart. “Ouch.”

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