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Camp NaNo April – Day 13

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoCheck out these links for an explanation of what Camp NaNo is and what I’m doing.

Day 13: together

Today, we’re staying in the modern world with Bellamy and Clarke. They’re a little out of their element, but what better way to get them started than to throw them together in a situation neither wants to be in?

See, the real world can be just as complicated as the apocalypse, except without all of the bloodshed (hopefully). For Clarke that means juggling school, work, her mother’s expectations, and her personal life. Abby only wants what’s best for Clarke, but what Abby thinks is best, isn’t always what Clarke thinks is best.

That’s why Clarke has been so reluctant to go on this couple’s retreat thing with her mom and Kane. She somehow she got talked into it, and she regrets it even more when she finds out her boyfriend, Finn, has been cheating on her. Now she’s stuck explaining to her mom that her life is a mess. Not something she looks forward to. There’s also the issue of the very expensive tickets that have already been paid for.

So, Clarke decides to give them to her friend Octavia and her boyfriend, Lincoln. They could use a vacation, and if anyone would enjoy a couple’s retreat, it would be those two. And she figures the dinner party Octavia is throwing will be the perfect time to spring her plan on them.

Too bad, Octavia’s annoying older brother is in town, sticking his noise right where it doesn’t belong. She’s never really cared for Bellamy. He’s arrogant and sarcastic and pushes her buttons (yeah, I stole that line from yesterday). If he calls her, “princess,” one more time she may strangle him with her purse strap.

But, she’s determined to not let him ruin the night or her offer to Octavia and Lincoln. Her plans unfortunately unravel when Lincoln can’t take time off of work. Octavia has the perfect solution, though: she can just go with Bellamy.

The End.

Yeah, the set-up is pretty cliche, but I was in the mood to write a popular trope, and this was the first one to spring to mind when I saw the prompt. Forcing Bellamy and Clarke to spend time together when they can’t stand each other is always fun. More to come from what is shaping up to be yet another novella.


There’s another knock–this one louder–on the door just as he gets there.

He peers through the peephole then groans, his forehead hitting the door. Figures. He throws open the door, but doesn’t move out of the way. “Hey, Princess, what an unexpected surprise.”

Clarke blinks at him, obviously surprised. Apparently Octavia didn’t warn her either.

“What are you doing here?” she asks.

He leans against the door frame. “What are you doing here?”

She narrows her eyes. “I asked you first.”

“Yeah, but I decided not to answer.” He laughs at the scowl on her face. This is how pretty much every conversation goes with Clarke. There’s something about her that brings out his inner child.

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Tools of the Trade: White Noise

If you’re like me, you probably get distracted easily. So anything that helps me concentrate on my writing is a treasure. Last time I talked about 4thewords.com–a writing game that allows you to fight monsters with your words. My productivity has probably quadrupled since I started using the site. I’m on a 104 day streak!

Today, I’m going to offer up another tool that helps me. And that’s white noise. My hearing is… let’s just say it doesn’t like me much. When I need to hear–as in talking to someone or watching TV–I have a lot of trouble. Voices and sounds jumble together, making it frustrating to carry on a conversation. I’ve had to put the closed captioning on the TV or I miss a lot of the dialogue. But when I need the quiet, my ears seem to pick up every noise. And that’s a distraction. I run a fan 24/7 to help drown out the noise of five kids in the house, but that isn’t always enough.

Last week, I discovered white noise websites. Specifically, ones that make rain sounds. I had no idea what I was missing in my life. Rain is a white noise just like the fan. The only difference is the pitch changes some, and it sounds more natural. Add some thunder in, and I’m back in the Midwest in the midst of a storm.

I miss thunderstorms.

I highly suggest checking out one of the many sites out there.

The one I’m using right this second is noisli.com. It has several different sound options besides rain, such as streams, waves, and even a coffee house. You can mix and match the different sounds and adjust their volumes. So if you want to be in the middle of a thunderstorm, you can. If you want to be in the forest, listening to a babbling brook, you can. You can listen to a gentle rain at the coffee shop. Or sit around a campfire. Just find the right combination that works for you.

There are others.

mynoise.net has a slider system, like an equalizer on a stereo, that allows you to adjust each frequency of the rain and thunder. It also has presets for different settings like rain on a tent or distant thunder.

rain.today is another site I use. It lets you choose a few different rain/thunder options to adjust the sound. There are also white noise options like a television or other static.

rainymood.com has a simple on/off setting, but there are apps for Android and Apple.

ambient-mixer.com has nature sounds in a lot of settings. Like a tropical rain forest or a forest at night. That’s just in the nature section. There are other collections that can put you in the mood to write any setting. Their fantasy settings are especially popular.

There are a lot of other white noise and rain maker sites out there. rain.today lists several at the bottom of the page to look into.

I highly recommend one of these, or if you’re the kind of person that only seems to focus in a busy coffee shop, there are tons of those kind of sites out there as well. I’m sure you can find just the right combination of white noise to blot out the real world and let you concentrate on what is important: torturing your characters writing.

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