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Camp NaNo April – Day 15 recap


Hey, look at that–half way through the month. It’s Easter weekend. You might think I’d take it easy on Bellamy and Clarke with it being a holiday and all, but you’d be wrong. For one, I don’t celebrate Easter, and two, isn’t Easter all about torture and nailing someone to a cross? Oh, and something about rising from the dead, bunnies that lay eggs and lots of candy, too. But really only the candy is important.

I guess in today’s story, things aren’t quite as bad for the two of them. No one is actively trying to kill them, but they might kill their friends by the end of the day.

Day 15: experiment

In an alternate reality where the Ark never came down, and the 100 have learned to survive on their own, tensions are high in camp. There hasn’t been any grounder contact in months, and the rising summer heat is fraying everyone’s nerves.

In particular, Bellamy and Clarke are constantly at each other’s throats. They can’t stand each other. Really. All they do is shout at each other. Of course, their friends are pretty sure that’s just their way of flirting. Either way, it’s intense, and it’s putting the camp on edge. So they’ve hatched a plan. Bellamy and Clarke aren’t going to like it.

On a rather typical morning, Clarke is cursing Bellamy’s name for some unknown reason. He could have drank the last of the water or spilled the poultice she’d been blending. He could have called her princess one too many times. Hell, he could have just looked at her. It’s not really important.

What is important is that she hates his guts. Octavia gets it. Her brother’s been nothing but an ass for weeks. She doesn’t know what his problem is, but she knows how to solve Clarke’s. She needs a break. More specifically a dip in the lake.

Clarke’s pretty sure this is a bad idea. The grounders might not have made their presence known lately, but they’re out there, and if Bellamy finds out Clarke let Octavia leave camp, he’ll have her head. But Octavia is persuasive. It’s usually pointless to argue with her.

Surprisingly, Clarke almost starts to relax, but then she hears shouting from the lake. Her chance of a fun-filled swim is soured by Bellamy’s flaming anger. Of course, he blames her for everything. He always blames her.

He’s about to flip his lid when Octavia intervenes. Actually, all of their friends are there. All intervening. It’s an intervention party. Clarke doesn’t like it. They’re up to something. A few seconds later, Octavia confirms her suspicions. Clarke hates always being right.

Her and Bellamy are stunned into silence as Octavia slaps a pair of handcuffs over their wrists and hands them a piece of paper. A list of clues. To find the key. To unlock the cuffs. She’s going to kill Octavia. But she’s pretty sure she’s going to have to wait in line because there is murder in Bellamy’s eyes.

But first they have to find the damn key.

The End.

Oooh, can’t wait to write the rest of it. I’m so evil sometimes it scares me.


“This is all his fault,” Clarke mumbled. “He’s such an arrogant ass. Why does he have to be such a jerk all of the time?”

“Who’s a jerk all of the time?”

She jumped at the voice behind her, knocking her head into the table. Octavia watched her from the door, hands clasped behind her back. Clarke stood and rubbed her forehead.  “Your brother.”

“Ah. I should have guessed, what with all the cursing involved.”

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Six Sentences on Sunday

sixsentences~*~Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project — published, in progress, for your cat — whatever.~*~

From a fanfic I’m working on:

“Bellamy!” someone shouts.

He turns as Rachel pushes through a group of people and jumps into his arms. She kisses him, practically shoving her tongue down his throat. “Whoa,” he says, jerking back. “It’s good to see you?”

She laughs and kisses him again, this time in a more appropriate way for the setting.

Project Semicolon

No, this isn’t a grammar lesson.

Project Semicolon is a movement that promotes mental health and suicide awareness. The stigma that is attached to mental illness often prevents sufferers from speaking out or even seeking help.

The stigma needs to end. And that starts with all of us rising above and sharing our stories.

I’ve struggled with mental illness my entire life.

[cut for talk about suicide]

Read more…

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