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Camp NaNo April – Day 17 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoToday’s story was inspired by this HuffPo article I saw posted on Facebook the other day. After I got the prompt, I knew it was a perfect fit.

The writing, though, was a lot less inspiring. I had to rush through it thanks to my cat issues (see yesterday’s recap), and don’t like any of it.

We all have those days. I’ll try and give a recap anyway.

Day 17: phone

Bellamy (and eventually Clarke) are back in the modern world, just trying to live their lives like the rest of us. After a weekend of bar-hopping at the beach, Bellamy has to deal with Miller and Bryan bickering as their relationship falls apart and a drunken Jasper.

It’s all rather exhausting and dull. So when a mysterious phone is found wedged in the seat of Bellamy’s new car, his curiosity is piqued. He charges it up and finds picture after picture of a beautiful girl–sometimes in the mountains, sometimes on the beach, always with a smile that lights up her eyes. He’s infatuated.

The only other thing he can access through the guest mode is a music app filled with mellow, new-wavey tunes and the occasional 70’s rock song. The selection intrigues him.

Between the pictures and music, he knows he needs to find the owner of this phone, if just to tell him or her that they made his boring life a little more interesting.

The End.

I actually didn’t even get that far in the writing, but the recap was way too short. I do have the story plotted out.

A long bonus to make up for the short recap:

The lock screen was a picture of a girl–probably early twenties with blond hair and blue eyes. She had a smile that lit up her entire face. And he could tell she was laughing. He smiled at the picture. She was pretty.

He had no idea what the code was, but a button in the corner said “guest mode.” He clicked it, opening another screen. This one had a panoramic view of the ocean, the sun setting in the distance. The girl from the lock screen was standing in silhouette, her arms holding up the sun.

The guest mode didn’t offer him much to choose from. There was an app for music and access to the camera. He pressed that then went to the gallery. Shot after shot of the girl popped up. By the clothes she was wearing, most of them were taken on the same day. About 11 months ago.

He went farther back, but the pictures ended about two years ago. Almost all of them were of the girl. A few had a guy in them–selfies distorting their faces so you could barely recognize them. The rest of the pictures were landscapes. Mountains and beaches. Closeups of flowers and birds.

He went back to the main screen and chose the music app, scrolling through the songs. It was a lot of new wavey stuff–relaxing and mellow–but then he saw some old school 70s rock tossed in that made him smile. Nothing else on the phone worked. And it was stuck in airplane mode so he wouldn’t be recieving any angry calls from the previous owner wanting to know where the phone was.

The question was how did it end up in his car?

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