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Camp NaNo April – Day 18 recap


Last night was a productive night. Another finished story! And this one is sweet and fluffy. Totally not my style. Okay, there’s a dose of angst in there somewhere. I just can’t write straight fluff.

Day 18: trust

When the Ark never makes it to the ground, the 100 are left to fend for themselves over the long winter. They managed to make it through. Even managed a peace treaty with the local grounders. Things are almost looking up, but Bellamy and Clarke know they can’t just sit around on their laurels. They have to plan for next winter. Now.

The only problem is they disagree on how best to use their supplies and manpower. Bellamy knows the grounders won’t stay quiet forever–they need to extend the wall. Clarke already lost four to the cold and hunger, she won’t lose more–they need to plant as much food as possible. There aren’t enough people to go around.

Their tentative friendship is going up in flames with the pressure of survival crushing them. But Bellamy has an idea that might crack open a release valve. Clarke only agrees to go with him because he promises her medical supplies–sealed and saved for over a hundred years. It’s a long shot, but she’ll take whatever she can get at this point.

The walk through the woods is calming. And as irritated as she is with Bellamy, she’s starting to remember why they became friends. He can be charming and sweet when he wants to be. She wishes it were more often.

Bellamy leads her to a secret tunnel he found while hunting. Clarke recognizes it as an old subway system. She can’t remember ever seeing Bellamy so excited–his smile alone could push away the darkness. He drags her through the tunnels until they step into a second station.

Clarke realizes she’s been had. There are no medical supplies. She’s about to ask what game he’s playing when he shines a light on the walls. Every inch is covered in graffiti. Over a hundred years of artists leaving their marks on the world. She’s so awestruck she forgets about his lying. And when he presents her with a set of paints and a clear space of wall, she forgets about everything else.

When it’s too dark to paint, Clarke has to admit something’s shifted between her and Bellamy. It’s not just the fact that he brought her here because he knew she liked to draw. It’s not that he spent weeks making paint for her. It’s not even about the way he’s looking at her like she’s a precious piece of artwork.

Mostly, it’s because when she looks at him, there’s a warmth that grows in her chest until it burns across her skin everywhere he touches. And god, she doesn’t want him to ever stop touching her.

The End.


Clarke is suddenly on high alert. Every snap of a branch or crunch of leaves makes her heart race.

Bellamy squeezes her shoulde. “Clarke, relax. I’ve hunted here dozens of times. We’re safe.”

She gives him a bewildered look. He laughs then pushes the stray strand of hair behind her ear, making her tremble. “Do you trust me?”

“What?” She blinks at him, confused by the change of subject.

He licks his lips slowly as he pulls his hand away from her face. “Do you trust me?”

Does she trust him? After everything they’ve been through–even as annoying as he is–she knows in her heart that he’d never let anything happen to her. She nods. “I do trust you.”

The corner of his mouth quirks up. “Okay. Then lets go.” He walks backwards a few steps, taunting her. When she rolls her eyes and follows, he turns around with a chuckle.

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