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Camp NaNo April – Day 20 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoDay 20. Just ten more days left of Camp. Things are winding down and fatigue is setting in. I can feel myself burning out. But I’m pushing through. I’m determined to do my 1,000 words every day. I need to do this for myself. I’m also getting a lot of great stories out of this.

Today’s story is another that received an ending. It’s not happy or fluffy, but there is another tender moment between Bellamy and Clarke while they try to figure out how to keep everyone alive over the long winter while still not knowing how they fit together with each other.

Day 20: breath

When the Ark never made it to Earth, the 100, are left to fend for themselves on a hostile planet. The grounders might have backed off, but they aren’t the only threat. Because if they don’t starve to death, they’ll surely freeze. And Clarke just lost three more to those very things.

She’s falling apart when Bellamy finds her after a long day of digging graves in the barely above freezing temperatures. It’s more than a little upsetting to see her break down, but there’s another part of him that wants nothing more than to wrap her into a tight embrace and tell her everything will be all right. It might be a lie, but it’s all he has to offer.

He’s kind of amazed when she actually lets him do just that. Things are awful and more people will die before winter ends, but he’s sure they’ll make it through as long as they have each other. He’s not really sure what he means by that, but it sounds right. The world doesn’t seem as harsh with Clarke by his side. Even if all they do is bicker about every decision that needs to be made.

Actually, if he’s honest, he kind of likes that part, too.

Clarke can be a royal pain, like making him promise to stop giving away his rations, but Bellamy can be just as stubborn. He’ll start eating as long as Clarke stops and takes a break. It’s probably the first thing they agree on. Hopefully it won’t be the last.

The End.


Bellamy hates seeing her cry. He reaches for her without thinking but stops, his hand hovering over her shoulder. She looks up at him with watery eyes. Something cracks in his chest, letting a warmth rush in. He slips his hand around her shoulders and pulls her close.

He’s kind of surprised when she wraps her arms around his waist and presses her face into his shoulder. He rubs little circles on her back as Clarke cries. “It’s going to be okay,” he whispers. “We’re going to figure this out.”


He has no answer. “I don’t know, but the two of us together can do this.”

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