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Camp NaNo April – Day 21 recap


Things are winding down–April is almost over. I can hardly believe it. This week went really fast for me. I was standing at the sink this morning and realized I would have to do Six Sentences on Sunday tomorrow. It feels like I just posted the one from this week. Crazy.

Yesterday, the weather was amazing which meant my kids wanted to go do something. By the time we got back, cooked dinner, and cleaned up, it was after 8:30pm. I still had to eat my food (everyone else was done long before that). I finally sat down to do my writing around 9pm, and it was a struggle to get any words out. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I kept promising myself that when I finished, I could take a long bath. I got done with my recap at 11:54pm.

But I got my bath and slept rather well last night. So, I’m getting stuff done early today. That way I can relax and read. At least that’s the plan. Things rarely go how I expect. Anyway, on to the recap.

Day 21: fall

It’s been a year since the 100 landed on Earth. They’ve only had each other to depend on to survive a brutal winter and get through a sweltering summer. But now that the leaves are changing, there’s a sense of uncertainty in the air. Will they make it another year?

It’s a lot to carry on their shoulders, but Clarke and Bellamy do their best. Sometimes, though, you just need a break. Well, as much of a break as they can get. When Clarke wants to go hunt for medicinal plants, Bellamy volunteers to go along–anything to get away from the grind of camp.

The sun is still bright and warm, but the breeze is cooling. And for once the walk is pleasant. It’s taken a year, but the two have finally learned to get along. Even like each other’s company. Bellamy seems to be in an especially good mood. Maybe there’s something in the air.

Showing off, though, often doesn’t end like you envision. When Bellamy starts climbing over the ruins, Clarke tries to warn him, but he doesn’t listen. Luckily he isn’t terribly hurt. Unless Clarke decides to knock some sense into him for being so reckless. She’s tired of him caring so much about everyone else’s safety while ignoring his own. And she’s tired of dancing around their feelings because watching him nearly break his back was like a punch straight to her heart.

It’s time to quit being a baby and make a move. So she does.

The End.


Clarke runs over, sliding to her knees next to him. “Are you okay?”

His eyes roll back as he fights for breath, but eventually, he gasps then sucks in needed air. Clarke waits for him to recover then smacks his chest. “I told you to be careful.”

“No, you didn’t,” he says with a grimace as he pries a rock out from under him, tossing it into the woods. “You just said I would fall.”

“And you did.”

He smirks. “Still didn’t tell me to be careful.”

“It’s implied, smart ass. Are you okay?”

He twists his hands and feet. “I think so.”

Clarke helps him sit up. “You know, there are easier ways to impress me.”

His face goes completely red. It is freaking adorable. “Why do you think I’m trying to impress you?”

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