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Camp NaNo April – Day 22 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoLike Day 16, today’s story picks up where season 4, episode 8 left off. Of course, it goes completely off the canon rails after that.

I’m just going to say right off that Bellamy with Bree (yes, that’s the blond chick’s name–the one that wants to dance with Bellamy) just equals bad news. At least in my fantasy land.

Day 22: mind

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but Bellamy isn’t feeling fine at all. His mouth is dry, and his head is pounding. No more jobi nuts ever. What’s worse is that he doesn’t wake up alone.

It wouldn’t have been so bad except the blond in his bed isn’t the one he wants. He knows he’s screwed up, and he knows it’s going to be messy to fix. Especially as clingy as Bree is. What the hell was he thinking?

His best bet is to get out of there fast. Distract and deflect. Sure it’s the coward’s way out, but his head is hurting too damn much to deal with over-emotional girls. Like Bree told him, “the world’s going to end anyway, so what does it matter?” Apparently it matters a lot. At least to Bellamy.

He manages to get Bree dressed and out the door, but she sneaks in a good-bye kiss. Bellamy’s just glad to see her gone until he realizes their farewell had an audience.

The trip back to Arkadia left Clarke worn out and worn down. She just needed a friendly face to talk to. And maybe she needed visual confirmation that Bellamy was alive and well. She never expected to find a girl sneaking out of his room. Wearing his shirt.

That was bad enough, but then Bellamy had to turn into a super jerk. Like the Bellamy she met that first day on the ground. She’s not even sure what she did wrong, but she’s too emotionally raw to figure it out.

The End.

Note: This story in no way relates to Day 16 where Bellamy and Bree get wasted and make out together while Bellamy hallucinates. Trippy.


Bree stepped out ahead of him then turned, nearly knocking him over. She reached up and ran her fingers through his hair before leaning up and kissing the corner of his mouth.

“We should do this again. You know, before the world ends. Might as well enjoy our last days on Earth, right?”

He nodded dumbly. She ran her thumb over his lips then practically skipped down the hall. Bellamy rubbed his eyes as he pulled the door shut behind him.

“Rough night?”

He started at the voice behind him. His heart slammed against his chest. Crap. He turned slowly. Clarke cocked her head, watching him behind shuttered eyes. “When did you get back?” he asked.

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