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Camp NaNo April – Day 26 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoI don’t think I have anything interesting or snarky to say today, so I’ll jut get right to the recap.

Day 26: life

Ten years ago, they sealed the doors to the underground bunker they thought they would be calling home for five years. They weren’t prepared for the extended stay. At the five-year mark, twelve people treated with the Nightblood therapy went to the surface. Ten came back. Barely.

Since then, they’ve occasionally sent people out to test the radiation levels. After ten years, they’re hoping this mission will give them the good news that the Earth is survivable again. Because they’re not really sure how long they can stay underground before the entire population loses its collective minds.

Bellamy and Clarke are leading the expedition. That is if Abby will ever let them leave. Her maternal worrying has grown out of control over the years since her stroke. There’s only so much of it they can stand. Kane, though, manages to distract Abby long enough for them to make their escape.

The surface is nothing like they left it–nothing like when they landed. Nothing the grounders remember. It’s barren and haunted. If they’re lucky, they’ll find signs of life this time. Little bits of grass pushing through the cracked ground. Maybe a bird. A bug. Anything will do.

Bellamy isn’t looking forward to this mission. As much as he hates the bunker, seeing the wasteland on the surface makes him ill. On top of that, Roan has invited himself along. He refuses to admit his title of “king” means nothing after all of these years. Bellamy isn’t in the mood to butt heads with him.

Then there’s Clarke. Who isn’t exactly talking to him at the moment. Which is fine because he doesn’t want to talk to her either. He’s not sure when their friendship fell apart or why. Sometimes, he’s not even sure he cares. Between the potential radiation sickness, Roan’s moaning, and dealing with Clarke, his day is looking bleaker and bleaker.

The End.

Sorry, most of what I wrote was world building and Abby babying Bellamy. And it might not sound like it, but it’s totally a love story. Bellamy and Clarke will always find their way back to each other somehow.


Abby gave him one of those looks that always make him feel like a little boy. “Be careful. Okay? I know your tolerance to the radiation is high, but you can still have symptoms. If you start to feel sick come straight back. Any symptom–upset stomach, itchy skin that could mean lesions, dizziness.

“I know,” Bellamy said, checking his pack again.

“Abby,” Kane said, pulling her away, “quit mothering the boy to death.”

Bellamy shot him a thankful look.

“I just want to make sure he’s going to be okay.”

Kane sighed. “He knows what he’s doing. And Clarke will be with him. What could possibly go wrong?”

A few feet away, Clarke snorted. Bellamy ignored her then snapped his bag closed, tossing it over his shoulder. “I’ll be fine, Abby; I promise. I’ll watch for symptoms and check my readings-” he tapped the radiation monitor clipped to his jacket “-and I won’t eat any strange plants or animals.”

“Don’t eat anything!”

He smiled. She hadn’t been the same since her stroke a few years ago, but underneath she was still Dr. Griffin. “I promise I won’t eat anything. If I try, I’m sure Clarke will smack some sense into me or something.”

Clarke snorted again.

Abby pressed her hand to his cheek. “You’re a good boy.”

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