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Camp NaNo April – Day 29 recap

Camp-2017-Participant-Profile-PhotoWhat’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word dispose?

Come on, admit it–you thought of the mafia dumping bodies into the river. Or some variation. I know I did. My second thought was, “I’m not really into turning Bellamy and Clarke into murderers.”

I really had no idea what to do with this prompt until I checked the dictionary. Low and behold, “dispose” has other meanings. Who woulda thunk?

I decided to go with this one: to make fit or ready; prepare

Day 29: dispose

Today we join Bellamy as he’s getting ready to infiltrate Mt. Weather. He’s trying to psych himself up, but the fact that half of the grounder clothes he’s wearing are too small and the other half are too big isn’t a good sign. Then Clarke shows up.

He really doesn’t want to talk to her. But he really does.

That’s basically how all of his thoughts are when it comes to her. Contradictions that bounce around in his head. Right now, he’s just confused about why she’s here because six hours ago, she pretty much said he was expendable. And that hurt more than he cared to admit.

It’s hard to figure out what she wants when she just stands there looking small and awkward. More like a kid than whatever the ground has molded her into the last month. He doesn’t like it.

And he doesn’t like the tension. He doesn’t like this situation at all, but he doesn’t have the words to say all of that. Apparently Clarke doesn’t either so they fall back to their old routine and bicker.

There’s a good chance Bellamy won’t make it back from this mission. They both know it, so why are they fighting? That’s what Bellamy wants to know. He’s pretty sure it has something to do with the Commander wedging herself between them. He’s not jealous, he swears, but he doesn’t like being left out of the loop. A loop that consisted of the two of them until a few days ago. How did that happen?

The End.

I noticed there was a bit of time in season two between episodes nine and ten where they could have a conversation about the decision to send Bellamy into Mt. Weather. It never sat right with me that one minute she’s telling him she can’t lose him and the next it’s worth risking his life. I get why she made the decision–why she said that–but they never actually discuss why she changed her mind. And I didn’t like how they went from being partners to Clarke being in charge. Looking back, this seems like an omen for season three. Bad things happen when they aren’t working together.


“It’s going to be fine, Clarke. Let me worry about getting into Mt. Weather, and you worry about-” He scrunches his face and looks away. “You worry about Lexa.”

He finishes putting on the jacket. It’s too small but wearable. When Clarke doesn’t say anything he looks up at her. She’s just staring at him. God, he hates it when she does that.

This is stupid. They’re running out of time. Bellamy rubs his forehead and sighs. “I don’t want to fight Clarke.”

“Neither do I.”

“Then what are we doing?”

She stares for a couple more seconds before looking away, swallowing hard. “I don’t know.”

Bellamy shakes his head. “We used to talk about this stuff. Make the plans.” He doesn’t finish his thoughts.

Clarke nods, still not looking at him. This chasm has opened between them in the last couple days, and he doesn’t like it. “Forget it,” he mumbles and grabs the cloak he’ll be wearing over the jacket.

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