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Monthly Round-up

All things reading and writing.


Yeah, well… I didn’t finish any books this month. I barely read anything.


None posted. 😦


It was a slow month despite being Camp NaNo. I only managed to get 14,957 words. The goal was 21k. But I’m already finished with my GYWO goal. The total for the year is at 269,108.

Streak: 212 days. Haven’t missed since January 1.



This was a bit of a success this month–at least the first week. I managed to completely edit five stories and work on another. I also added to several of the stories from Camp NaNo April addition.


Home Improvement (Stargate: SG-1)
Rockets Red Glare (Red Vs. Blue)
Forty Days to Gone (The 100 (TV))
Wash Away the Pain (The 100 (TV))
Unstoppable (The 100 (TV))

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