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Attention to Detail – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

People started running. Tourists and medics, security and sicko gawkers all rushing for a better view of the aftermath. Church moved, too—elbowing and forcing his way between couples and families.

Look at me, Church! Up here!” The words bounced around his head followed by those memories that would always haunt him.

Daddy, look at my dress. It floats. Daddy, you’re not looking.”

He finds her after the longest most terrifying fifteen minutes of any of his lives because, for all of his faults and all the pain he’s caused, Dr. Leonard Church loves his daughter. Church feels it deep in his bones. He screams her name—not just the Director, but Alpha and Epsilon and every other goddamn voice in his head. They all scream the same thing. “Sarah! Sarah, where are you?”

But the name that came out of Church’s mouth was something else. “Caboose! Caboose!” They made it to the fence surrounding the ride. Medics were everywhere, sirens wailing closer and closer. Security pushed onlookers back. Church was stuck.

“That’s my friend,” he shouted at the nearest guard who only shrugged. If he had a gun, he’d blow the guy’s head off. Well, maybe Church wouldn’t, but Wash or Carolina could take the shot. Read more…

Attention to Detail – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“What’s with all the sourpusses?” Sarge asked as the Reds joined Church and the others. “This is supposed to be the Happiest Place in the Galaxy.”

“That’s Disneyland, sir.”

“Oh, right.”

Tucker sighed. “Caboose is missing.”

“Again?” said Grif. “We need a leash for that guy.”

Simmons shot his friend a look. “Grif, that’s not-”

“Or Lojack.”

“We already installed that,” Tucker said. “In his armor.”

Sarge scoffed. “Well, that ain’t much help now. Maybe we could put one of those trackin’ chip things in him? Like you do a dog.”

“Yeah, that’d work,” Grif agreed. Read more…

October Goals

Recap from Septemberr:

Reading: Nothing. Sad face. F
Writing: For the most part it was a good writing month. Just not for hitting my actual goals (I should probably start writing these down for myself). I did my journal every day so that’s good, but I missed the 100 words every day. There were 11 days under 100–seven of those were 0s. Better than last month, though. As for the Girl Genius stories… I did a few but not all of them. C
Finishing/Editing: I only edited one of the Girl Genius stories. I did edit chapters 32-35 of Heaven Can’t Wait. In fact, I edited all the way through chapter 37 and started to write 38. I didn’t work on Attention to Detail at all. C-
Posting: I only got two chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait up and zero of Attention to Detail. That’s pretty bad. But I posted six other stories. C

September definitely went better than August, especially at the end. Things really improved once I decided to redo the fanfic50 stores (written for Camp NaNo in April 2017) since I didn’t think I would get around to finishing the originals. Right off, I got through two of them and started a third. C-

October Goals:


  • read four books (fingers crossed)


  • write every day in my writing journal/keep my streak going
  • at least 100 words every day
  • write four stories for Girl Genius week on tumblr (October 8-13)
  • write three “kiss” stories
  • write chapters 38 & 39 of Heaven Can’t Wait


  • edit the stories for Girl Genius week
  • edit chapters 35-37 of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • edit chapters 5 & 6 of Attention to Detail
  • finish the stories I started last month


  • Post four chapters of Heaven Can’t Wait
  • Post two chapters of Attention to Detail
  • Post two other stories

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