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Camp NaNoWriMo


Welcome to craziest camp you’ve ever been to.

Well, I’ve never actually been to any camps so I have no idea if that’s true, but Camp NaNo is pretty crazy.

2019-WriterWebBadgeIn case you’re wondering, Camp NaNo is the laid back cousin of National Novel Writing Month (a month-long event to write 50k words in 30 days that takes place every November). Instead of the set goal of NaNo, Camp NaNo lets you create your own goal whether that’s words, hours (writing or editing), lines or pages.

Whereas it’s expected to start a brand new novel in November, Camp can be any project you want including adding to an existing story or editing. So for this Camp, I’m working on Uncalled For Actions.

The Girl Genius fanfic is something I started on January 1 in a different format than I’ve ever written before. Instead of going chapter by chapter or focusing on a specific wordcount each day, I’ve been writing it sentence by sentence. I started with one sentence on January 1 then two sentences on January 2. Hopefully, you get the picture.

Everything was going great–I was finishing my sentences each day (for the most part) then posting them to tumblr–then I was hit with severe chronic fatigue. I’ve lacked the energy to get out of bed most morning, and my brain pretty much just shut down. Being awake was exhausting even when I wasn’t doing anything. So I got behind.

Really far behind. As of today, I’m in the middle of writing the sentences for February 22 (53 sentences).

Anyway, my goal, as you can probably guess, is to get caught up on all of those sentences so I can once post them tumblr on the day they’re supposed to be written. I’ve done the math and determined I need a total of 2,252 sentences which comes out to about 75/day.

I made things a little easier by deciding to restart the count on March 1 so instead of needing 60 sentences that day, I only needed 1. Otherwise, I’d have to write over 6,000 sentences to catch up. Since I was having so much trouble just writing 40+ per day, I figured it was best to do a restart every two months until the story is finished.

At the least, I’ll have more written for the story than I did yesterday. 🙂

4twlogo-xsNow it’s time to get this show on the road. I’m just waiting for my favorite writing site, 4thewords.com, to get their act together and start their special NaNo event. There’s always something that goes wrong with events so I’m trying to be patient (hence getting blog posts out of the way).

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