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Camp NaNo – Day 1

I decided to give myself a little bit of accountability so I’m going to post a daily update.


Day 1

  • Goal: 76 sentences (approximately 1,140 words)
  • Actual: 32.5 sentences; 625 words
  • Written: 22.5 sentences for Day 53 (Feb 22) and 10 sentences for Day 54 (Feb 23)
  • Notes: I didn’t even start working on the sentences until 11:35pm. Every time I tried before that kids or cats or my husband interrupted me. I almost gave up completely, but instead, gave it all I had for that last 25 minutes of the day.
  • Total sentences for the month: 32.5 of 2,252 (1.5%)
  • Total words for the month: 625

I’m also going to compile all of the sentences I write each day then choose the middle six to post. I’m sure they’ll make tons of sense taken completely out of context.

Even when he did things right, he did them wrong. “I can’t win,” he muttered then rubbed at the sore spot on his neck that was making his entire jaw feel tight and painful to talk.

A moment later, they turned the corner and passed through a set of unassuming doors into what could only be described as a cozy home within a home. Well, a home within a castle. It wasn’t unlike the Baron’s personal quarters on Castle Wulfenbach.

Not that Gil knew much about that–he’d only visited them a few times and still lived in the dorms with the other kids in the school.

More info about my Camp NaNo project here.

To catch up on Uncalled For Actions, a Girl Genius fanfic told in sentences, start with Part 1.

Uncalled For Actions (13/?)

Days 85 – 91 of the experiment.


[PARTS 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 ]

He was saved from the internal struggle by the rear door opening, attracting the Baron’s attention.

“Ah, Aaronev,” he said, getting up, “I trust you had a peaceful rest.”

The Prince huffed and headed straight for his seat. “Tarvek, get me a coffee,” he grumbled then started going through his papers giving the Baron a belated, “good morning, Klaus.”

His father sat back next to him, raising an amused eyebrow as he sipped his own coffee. Gil bit back a smile because he was sure they were both thinking the same thing–the Prince was obviously not a morning person.

He watched as the servants settled pastries around the man but otherwise gave him a wide berth as others nervously gave morning reports on castle-affairs. Tarvek returned with the coffee and waited for further instructions while being mostly ignored until the man spit the coffee back into the cup.

“This is cold!”

Everyone in the room froze as the man’s face grew redder.

“I’ll get you another cup,” Tarvek mumbled, but his father snatched the cup away from him and marched over to the coffee engine where Arabeth began fiddling with the machine.

“Is this not working?” he demanded the terrified girl. Read more…

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