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Camp NaNo – Day 3


Previous totals: 87 sentences; 1,646 words

Day 3

  • Goal: 78 sentences (approximately 1,170 words)
  • Actual: 77 sentences; 1,210 words
  • Written: 45 sentences for Day 55 (Feb 24) and 32 sentences for Day 56 (Feb 25)
  • Notes: I might have gotten more work done today, but my youngest daughter decided she needed to chat at 11pm right when I was getting some work done. Never got back to writing after that.
  • Total sentences for the month: 164 of 2,252 (7.3%)
  • Total words for the month: 2,856
At This Rate You Will Finish: May 12, 2019

Six Sentence Sample

The two glared at each other in some unvoiced sibling standoff before Tarvek turned away, his cheeks slightly red.

What was that about? Gil wondered. He glanced at Seffie who looked more interested in how she might steal the glass from the gangly teen boy sitting on her other side than whatever was going on with her cousins.

Gil realized he was out of his element when it came to family affairs–he had no idea if this was normal sibling behavior. The way Tarvek had talked as a kid, he worshiped the ground his sister walked on to the point that Gil had worshiped her, too; well, worshipped the idea of her at least.

He’d always dreamed about finding his real family and learning he had a sister to love him as much as Tarvek and Anevka loved each other.

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